9 Best Brother Sewing Machines (Reviews & Comparisons)

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Top 9 Brother Sewing Machines: Expert Reviews & Comparisons

Embarking on the journey to select the perfect sewing machine can be daunting, particularly for newcomers grappling with the nuances of various models. Fear not, as I’m here to simplify this intricate process, ensuring a sewing companion that will be by your side for countless years to come.

Your quest for the ideal Brother sewing machine hinges on a blend of factors – your sewing projects, level of experience, and financial plan. Let’s dive into the specifics, comparing machine models, their features, and attachments to guide you to your perfect match.

Embark on a path to refined choice with my comprehensive reviews, detailing what I consider to be the crème de la crème of Brother sewing machines. Together, we’ll make an informed decision that aligns with your sewing aspirations.

Mechanical or Computerized? Mechanical models are straightforward with no digital components, whereas computerized versions boast a plethora of stitches, accessories, and functionalities like LCD displays for troubleshooting, optional pedal-free sewing, and speed regulation. Yet, the latter comes with a heftier price tag.

Thread with Ease: An automatic needle threader is a common feature that simplifies the threading process, especially beneficial for those with less steady hands or diminished vision, despite its occasional fickleness as noted in several reviews.

Hands-On or Hands-Free: While traditional mechanical machines require a foot pedal, their computerized counterparts might offer button-controlled sewing without the need for a pedal, allowing for speed adjustments and various stitching commands.

Presser Feet Galore: These feet secure your fabric as you sew, with specialized ones for specific tasks. Although a bounty of presser feet is a plus, lack thereof shouldn’t be a dealbreaker – they’re easily and affordably acquired separately.

Buttonholes Made Simple: Advanced machines deliver a one-step buttonhole feature, whereas basic models may require a more involved four-step manual process.

Spacious Sewing: Quilting-centric machines often come with a detachable extension table to manage voluminous projects with ease.

Illuminate Your Craft: Seek out machines with dual-LED lights for a well-lit workspace, an essential for those with less than perfect sight.

Top Picks for Brother Sewing Machines

Model Weight Stitches Feet Max Speed (spm) Noteworthy Features
Brother CS7000X 10.5 lbs 70 10 750 Beginner-friendly, jam-resistant bobbin, improved needle threader
Brother HC1850 13.2 lbs 130 (8 buttonhole styles) 8 850 Monogramming capabilities, precise stitching
Brother XM2701 12.6 lbs 27 6 800 Great for beginners, portable
Brother SQ9285 Not specified 150 10 710 Quilting-friendly, large selection of decorative stitches
Brother XR3774 12.3 lbs 37 8 800 Wide table, good for basic quilting
Brother XR9550prw 10.1 lbs 110 8 850 Project Runway model,

versatile for sewing and quilting

Brother CE1125prw Not specified 100 7 Not specified Feature-rich, ideal for creating garments
Brother LX3817 10.4 lbs 17 4 850 Most affordable, easy for beginners
Brother ST150HDH Not specified 50 9 Not specified Heavy-duty, quiet motor, handles thick fabrics well


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