7 Exciting Embroidery Magazines to Subscribe To

Ever wondered where to find a constant source of embroidery ideas? Subscribing to an embroidery magazine might just be what you need. Even though magazines aren’t as sought-after as before, there’s a plethora of them awaiting your exploration.

Stitch Your Way to Inspiration: Top 7 Embroidery Magazines!

It’s important to note that I’m not placing any of these in a hierarchy. Each magazine has its unique flair and purpose, suiting embroiderers of varied interests. An added bonus? Many are accessible for free either online via your local library or in its physical form. I frequently use Libby for digital reads and have accessed numerous magazines using my library card!

1. Creative Machine Embroidery Magazine

A favorite among machine embroidery enthusiasts, this magazine comes out quarterly, be it in print or digital. Each issue brings along stitch-along sessions, presenting complimentary embroidery designs and comprehensive guides furnished with images. Projects are often aligned with the season. For instance, the Fall 2022 edition featured designs like lace pumpkins and Halloween-themed placements. Additionally, they enlighten readers with articles about techniques and foundational machine embroidery knowledge.

Get Your Copy:

  • Avail an annual Kindle subscription on Amazon and enjoy a free 28-day trial, or buy individual issues.
  • Opt for a print version via Sew Daily.

2. Love Embroidery Magazine ❤️

Released monthly with an extra issue, making 13 in a year, this magazine is centered on hand embroidery. It generously offers templates and guidelines for diverse projects. Plus, physical subscribers get a charming embroidery gift every month! It’s an ideal read for novices to enhance their skills and stay updated on hand embroidery trends.

Access Options:

  • Commence with a 28-day free trial on Amazon or pick an annual digital subscription. You can also buy the latest issue individually.
  • For physical copies, subscribe directly.

3. Stitch Magazine

Originating from the UK, Stitch Magazine is a bi-monthly treat for those passionate about different needlework crafts such as hand embroidery and needle felting. It presents a mix of timely and timeless projects and covers an array of topics, from book recommendations to artist insights.

Where to Find:

  • Try it for 28 days on Kindle for free before deciding on an annual subscription via Amazon.
  • Secure a physical copy from the Embroiderer’s Guild.

4. Textile Art Magazine Embroidery

This bi-monthly magazine is a canvas of embroidery and textile art. Their mission involves engaging with expert embroiderers and textile artists, diving deep into hand embroidery’s many facets.

Grab Your Copy:

  • Choose between print or digital subscriptions on their official website.
  • Amazon offers electronic device subscriptions.

5. Homespun Magazine

Emerging from Australia, Homespun is a bi-monthly journal for those into diverse crafts. Whether it’s hand embroidery or quilting, there’s something for everyone.

How to Read:

  • Subscribe directly on their website.

6. Inspirations Magazine

Inspirations Studios boasts two magazines showcasing hand embroidery and other needle crafts. They’ve over 100 issues and even have an app for seamless reading on the move.

Access It:

  • Opt for printed or digital copies from their official site.

7. Quilters Companion Machine Embroidery Magazine

While I’ve read Quilter’s Companion before, they have a few editions that encompass machine embroidery. These appear to be limited edition rather than regular issues.

Get It Here:

  • Purchase from Universal Shop or buy individual copies from Magzter.

Key Takeaways

Magazine Name Release Frequency Focus
Creative Machine Embroidery Magazine Quarterly Machine Embroidery
Love Embroidery Magazine Monthly (13 issues/year) Hand Embroidery
Stitch Magazine Bi-monthly Various Needlework
Textile Art Magazine Embroidery Bi-monthly Textile Arts
Homespun Magazine Bi-monthly Multiple Crafts
Inspirations Magazine Varies Hand Embroidery & Needlework
Quilters Companion Machine Embroidery Magazine Special Editions Machine Embroidery & Quilting


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