7 Best Cheap Sergers With Good Stitch Quality

My Affordable Serger Journey

Uncover Top 7 Affordable Sergers: Stellar Stitch Quality on a Budget

When I first delved into the world of serging, I was tight on funds due to student loans. Nevertheless, I diligently sought out the most cost-effective serger options. After much saving, I finally acquired an entry-level Brother serger. Despite its simplicity, it has brought me immense joy, and I’ve crafted countless projects with it. Regardless of what the critics might say, if you’re on a budget, opting for an economical serger is absolutely okay!

Things to Ponder When On A Budget

Before making an impulse buy, consider the following factors:

  1. Expenses on Parts and Supplies
  2. For those tightly watching their pennies, the cumulative cost of serger supplies can be surprising. Besides essentials like thread cones and needles, certain serger models may demand pricier add-ons. Just to give you an idea: I once got a genuine Brother elastic presser foot, and it set me back by $30!

  3. Paying More for Enhanced Features
  4. With a more generous budget, you can avail sergers that offer added convenience. Think about time-saving features like air-threading or automated tension adjustments. Some high-end models even offer shortcuts like a switch for quick transitions from overlocking to rolled hems or auto thread cutters.

  5. Combination Machines Have a Heftier Tag
  6. If you’re considering a serger that also offers coverstitch or chainstitch capabilities, be prepared to allocate a larger budget.

  7. Opting for Preowned Can Save Bucks
  8. Brand-new sergers will invariably be pricier than their second-hand counterparts. But if you find a well-maintained preowned model, it could be a wise pick. Just ensure you test it firsthand or ensure there’s a return policy if buying online.

Top Affordable Sergers to Consider

Sergers, when well-maintained, are remarkably durable. If you’re in the market for one, brand preference might play a key role. Here are some pocket-friendly sergers you might like:

  1. Brother 1034D Serger
  2. This has been my trusty companion for years! Despite a few quirks, I can vouch for its performance and durability, making it ideal for both novices and seasoned sewing enthusiasts. From its impeccable stitch quality to the fact that it uses standard sewing needles, it’s a gem. And, if ever you need assistance, there’s a plethora of tutorials available online.

  3. Brother 1034DX Serger
  4. Between the two Brother models I possess, this one steals my heart. It’s akin to its sibling, the 1034D, but with slight upgrades like better lighting and an improved trim trap.

  5. Singer S0230 Overlock Machine
  6. Having gained popularity through the show “Making the Cut,” this Singer model is both trendy and functional. It stands toe-to-toe with the Brother models in terms of features, with a chic blue hue as a bonus.

  7. Juki MO644D Serger Overlock Machine
  8. What I appreciate about Juki sergers is their design which allows easy cleaning. Though it misses the free arm feature, its other attributes like faster serging speed make up for it.

  9. Janome 8002D Overlocker
  10. A favorite for many since the early 2000s, this Janome model offers the standard features you’d expect in an economical serger, along with a quick conversion device for rolled hems.

  11. Janome MOD-8933 Overlock Machine
  12. A fresher model from Janome’s line, the MOD-8933 sports a modern design. While it’s slightly pricier than the 8002D, bargain hunters might still snag it at a deal.

  13. Baby Lock Vibrant Serger
  14. Once someone buys a Baby Lock, they tend to stick to the brand. The Vibrant is their beginner-friendly model, and its unique retractable thread cutter is just one of its standout features.

Wrapping Up

I have a soft spot for Brother sergers and have recently expanded my collection to include a Juki. But I’m always eager to learn from others, especially from those loyal to different brands. Keep on serging! ✂️

Quick Overview:

Aspect Details
Favored Brand Brother
Additional Love Juki
Recommended For Beginners Brother 1034D Serger
Retractable Thread Cutter Baby Lock Vibrant Serger


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