Blasto Stitch Embroidery Review – Is It Worth It?

My Journey with Blasto Stitch Embroidery

Unlock Creativity with Blasto Stitch: The Ultimate Embroidery Review!

Hey there, it’s Luna! As someone who thrives on finding fantastic deals, I was ecstatic to discover Blasto Stitch. I took the plunge and snagged their full-site offer after previously enjoying a similar deal on their sister site, Embroidery Super Deal. I’ve penned down my Embroidery Super Deal review if you’re curious about that too. Just to be clear, I’m not here to profit, but simply to share my love for affordable embroidery.

Though I don’t consider myself an embroidery guru, I’ve dabbled enough in various designs and have even digitized some myself. I can attest that most designs from Blasto Stitch are beautifully done, being manually crafted instead of just being auto-digitized. My tiger and rose designs, which I showcased in my embroidery slippers tutorial, are a testament to their quality.

Take a peek at the first iteration of my tooth fairy pillow! I switched up the design a bit, using another fairy from their collection. Though my first test on minky fabric wasn’t the best choice artistically, the final version turned out way cuter! But sometimes, not all designs are flawless. For example, I noticed an omission in the Gryffindor banner when I embroidered a Harry Potter patch. However, considering the value I got and the time saved, I still count it as a victory!

Occasionally, there might be discrepancies in design descriptions or missing size details. And, sometimes I need to rely on the provided PDF to get the correct thread colors. But honestly, for such affordable prices, these minor hitches are easy to overlook. Just a tip: always preview new designs in your embroidery software and perhaps do a test run, especially if you’re embroidering on pricier materials.

Comparing Embroidery Super Deal and Blasto Stitch

Having access to both platforms, I’ve observed some differences. Initially, I accessed all Blasto Stitch designs for a mere $10, boasting a whopping 5,000 designs. Despite the price hike due to economic changes, the $20 deal still includes future designs. In contrast, my Embroidery Super Deal package, costing $20, doesn’t cover future designs and has since switched to a monthly pricing. If I had to pick between the two now, I’d lean towards Blasto Stitch to enjoy new designs without recurring fees. Alternatively, the Creative Fabrica subscription offers a vast array of designs, fonts, graphics, and more!

What Makes Blasto Stitch Shine

When you opt for their all-inclusive package, you’re showered with a plethora of fonts and designs. The quality is top-notch, and minor glitches can be easily forgiven given the immense value. A highlight for me is the inclusion of .bx font files. And if you aren’t keen on the full package, their individual designs are super affordable. A real treasure trove for embroidery lovers!

Areas of Improvement

While I’m head over heels for the site, there are a few tweaks I’d love to see. I often find myself wishing for a dedicated section showcasing new designs and an appliqué category for project inspiration. Additionally, some designs could benefit from more accurate sizing. Occasionally, I encounter logging issues but a quick re-login solves it. Oh, and a tip: use the “Search Products” on the top right for searching, not the one above the designs.

Feature Details
Design Quality High-quality manual digitizing
Price Affordable with massive value
Minor Issues Occasional design discrepancies
Site Navigation Tip Use “Search Products” for best results


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