Brother SE600 Review – Features, Comparisons, Pros & Cons

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Master Craftsmanship: Unveiling the Brother SE600 - A Comprehensive Guide

As a passionate fashion designer, I am excited to share with you all the nuances of the Brother SE600, a versatile machine that caters to both sewing and embroidery needs. It’s an investment that promises to be friendly to novices while still offering the bells and whistles for more seasoned creators. The Brother SE600’s 4″x4″ hoop may not suit everyone’s needs, but it’s a great starting point for entering the world of embroidery, providing a seamless integration of sewing functionality.

After enjoying its sibling, the Brother SE625, I’ve garnered years of experience which I now wish to pass on to you. If your curiosity is piqued, stay tuned as I delve into the capabilities of the Brother SE600. I will guide you through its features, ease of use, frequently asked questions, and weigh its strengths against its limitations to help you decide if it’s the right companion for your crafting journey.

Brother SE600 at a Glance

Let’s take a quick look at what this machine brings to the table:

Feature Specs
Weight 14.3 lbs
Dimensions 21.2″ x 15.5″ x 16.5″
Embroidery Field 4″x4″
Embroidery Designs 80 included
Stitch Options 103 stitches, 10 buttonhole options
Maximum Sewing Speed 710 stitches per minute
USB Connection Built-in USB port

The Brother SE600 comes with a reassuring 25-year limited warranty, ensuring your creative pursuits are well-supported over time.

What’s in the Box?

Your new crafting ally comes with an array of accessories:

  • The Brother SE600 unit, foot controller, and power cord
  • A diverse set of 7 sewing presser feet and one for embroidery
  • The embroidery arm and hoop to start your embellishing journey
  • An accessory pouch filled with bobbins, needles, and more
  • A protective dust cover and a comprehensive operations manual

Before you embark on your first project, remember to stock up on stabilizer and embroidery thread. If you’re looking for a guide to get started, I’ve got just the post for you.

Exploring the Presser Feet

The Brother SE600 brings you 7 sewing feet, each designed for a specific task:

  • Spring action zigzag foot – The versatile all-rounder for most of your sewing projects
  • Zipper foot – For attaching zippers with precision
  • Buttonhole foot – To create perfect buttonholes effortlessly
  • Overcasting foot – To sew over the edge, giving a serged-like finish
  • Blind stitch foot – For nearly invisible hem lines
  • Monogramming foot – To adorn your work with decorative stitches

While it lacks quilting-specific feet, these can be purchased separately to expand your machine’s repertoire.

Navigating the Stitch Library

The Brother SE600 doesn’t hold back when it comes to stitch options, offering 103 choices to fulfill any design dream:

  • Straight, zigzag, overcasting, and decorative quilting stitches
  • Buttonhole and button sewing stitches for practicality
  • Darning stitches to mend and reinforce
  • A plethora of decorative stitches to unleash creativity

Getting to Know the Buttons

The Brother SE600 might look daunting at first with its computerized panel, but fear not! Here’s a snapshot of what each button does:

  • Start/stop button – Initiates or pauses sewing without the foot pedal
  • Needle position button – Controls the needle’s movement
  • Reverse button – Engages reverse or reinforcement stitches
  • Thread cutting button – Snips threads automatically
  • Speed control slider – Adjusts how fast you sew

Its touch screen is user-friendly, and accompanying buttons further simplify stitch and pattern selection.

Embroidery Setup Simplified

Transitioning to embroidery mode is a breeze:

  • Attach the embroidery foot and unit
  • Prepare your fabric and hoop
  • Select and adjust patterns via the LCD screen or from your USB drive

The Brother SE600 may require manual thread changes for multi-color designs, but its intuitive interface guides you through each step.

Quilting with the SE600

Quilters, rejoice! The Brother SE600’s throat space is accommodating for many projects, and with additional quilting feet, your machine transforms into a quilter’s delight.

Is the SE600 Beginner-Friendly?

Absolutely! Its straightforward interface and comprehensive guide make the Brother SE600 a top pick for those starting their sewing and embroidery journey.

Pros and Considerations

The Brother SE600 shines as a value-packed machine with a myriad of features. While its 4″x4″ embroidery field may limit some, it stands out for its USB design import capability and numerous customizable settings.

However, keep in mind that you will need to invest in separate software for design creation, and the machine’s speed may not match that of higher-end models.

How the SE600 Measures Up

When compared to its predecessors and upgrades, the Brother SE600 maintains its ground with an impressive array of designs, stitches, and user-friendly features, all while ensuring pattern transfer is as simple as inserting a USB stick.

There’s no doubt that the Brother SE600 is a versatile tool that can sew, quilt, and embroider, making it a worthy companion for your creative endeavors.

Brother SE600 Highlights
Embroidery Designs 80 Built-in
Stitch Options 103 Choices
Max Sewing Speed 710 Stitches/Min
Beginner Friendly Yes, with comprehensive guides
Embroidery Field 4″x4″ Hoop
USB Design Transfer Yes


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