500+ FREE Easter Embroidery Designs to Download

Luna’s Guide to Easter Embroidery Designs

Unlock Easter Magic: 500+ Free Embroidery Designs for Festive Crafting!

With Spring around the corner and Valentine’s Day memories fading, it’s the perfect moment to dive into Easter embroidery! Every festive season, I find joy in expanding my embroidery design repertoire with fresh patterns. Though I own an advanced digitizing software, sometimes it’s more practical to snag a beautiful design that’s either free or quite affordable.

This year, I’ve been on a mission to discover free Easter patterns for machine embroidery and I’ve also splurged on a few from top-notch digitizers. If you’re on a similar quest to enhance your collection, here’s a handy list of platforms that provide free Easter and Spring designs:

Note: Should you stumble upon an amazing free design from a particular digitizer, consider bookmarking their page or joining their newsletter for future purchases!

1. Embroideres.com

This site is a goldmine for delightful freebies! They offer roughly 30 charming Easter patterns. Whether you’re looking for clever wordplays like “Oh For Peeps Sake” or religious designs such as “Silly Rabbit, Easter is for Jesus,” they’ve got you covered. A word of caution: the site does have ads. Be careful to only click on the genuine download links!

2. Embroidery Designs

To explore their collection, simply click on ‘Easter’ under the categories section or punch in “Easter” in the search bar. They boast almost 200 free patterns ranging from endearing bunnies to symbolic crosses. However, they limit free downloads to 3 per week unless you make a purchase.

3. Bunnycup Embroidery

They have an extensive assortment of adorable designs, and occasionally, they have tempting offers. Their free patterns are a mix of vintage and new but all stitch out beautifully. Look out for designs like Easter eggs applique, Daisy Mae bunny, and more!

4. Pro Digitizing

For freebies, scroll down to the bottom. They offer three unique Easter designs, including a bunny hatching from an egg and decorative egg patterns.

5. Creative Fabrica

They change their free offerings weekly. However, around March to April, you can catch some stunning Easter designs before they switch to other holiday themes.

6. Kreative Kiwi

I adore this site for its in-the-hoop (ITH) designs. They have several free Easter ITH designs, such as Easter redwork and stuffed bunny patterns. Their ITH Easter Bunny even comes with an optional treat pocket!

7. Ann the Gran

With over 100 machine embroidery designs for Easter, there’s plenty to choose from. They have an eclectic mix, so there’s something for everyone! Remember, the limit is 3 free downloads a week unless you make a purchase.

8. SWAK Embroidery

Browse through their free section to discover a range of Easter designs, from bunny appliques to Easter butterflies.

9. GGDesigns Embroidery

Currently, they offer a bunny egg applique and an Easter egg applique for free. Their freebies rotate, so keep an eye out for updates!

10. Kreations by Kara

Find their freebies organized by year. Check the March and April sections yearly for fresh Spring and Easter designs.

11. Royal Present Embroidery

Scroll through their free section to find gems like a bunny enjoying a lollipop. Their designs always guarantee a flawless stitch-out!

Site Notable Designs Special Notes
Embroideres.com “Oh For Peeps Sake”, “Silly Rabbit, Easter is for Jesus” Watch out for ads
Embroidery Designs Floral Easter Cross Max 3 free downloads/week
Bunnycup Embroidery Easter eggs applique, Daisy Mae bunny Varied designs
Pro Digitizing Bunny popping out of egg Bottom page for freebies
Kreative Kiwi ITH Easter Bunny, Easter redwork Specializes in ITH
Ann the Gran Easter egg designs, bunnies Max 3 free downloads/week
SWAK Embroidery Bunny applique, Easter butterfly Varied collection
GGDesigns Embroidery Bunny egg applique Rotating freebies
Kreations by Kara Spring embroidery machine designs Organized by year
Royal Present Embroidery Bunny licking a lollipop High-quality designs


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