100+ Free Halloween Machine Embroidery Designs

Hey there, Halloween enthusiasts! As October looms, I find myself getting excited about creating unique Halloween costumes and decorative pieces using my beloved embroidery. Especially now that I’ve got this shiny, new glow-in-the-dark embroidery thread!

Spooktacular Stitches: 100+ Free Halloween Embroidery Patterns!

I’ve been scouting the internet lately, hunting down the best Halloween embroidery patterns. If you’re someone who’s always on the lookout for a good deal like I am, I’ve curated a fantastic list of places where you can get free Halloween machine embroidery patterns. While I absolutely adore crafting my own designs, being a mom of two sometimes means choosing the easier option. If there’s an adorable, budget-friendly ready-made design out there, why not go for it?

For those who are just dipping their toes into the world of machine embroidery, fear not! I’ve also penned a guide on where you can snag some free embroidery designs. Always remember: if a particular designer offers you a fabulous freebie, consider supporting them when you’re next in need of a pattern!

1. Embroideres.com

Hands down, this is my top pick for Halloween embroidery designs! It boasts a vast collection, unlimited downloads, and the best part? No need to share any personal info. Their designs are versatile and sure to resonate with many. A little tidbit – the “Spooky” motif I embroidered on my towel? Snagged it from here.

2. EmbroideryDesigns.com

This site might very well have the most extensive range of free Halloween embroidery patterns. The catch? You’re limited to 3 downloads a week. To maximize your choices, start your downloads well before Halloween. Plus, they have a nifty review system – it’s always good to check that before diving in.

3. Kreative Kiwi Embroidery

My absolute go-to for free in-the-hoop embroidery designs! They’ve got a plethora of Halloween-themed items, from coasters to bookmarks and even gift bags. Upon downloading, you’ll receive an email, or you can grab them if you’ve set up an account. Trust me, their designs are so bewitching; I’ve bought a ton when they have sales!

4. SWAK Embroidery

This platform also boasts a neat collection of Halloween patterns. From pumpkin bean bags crafted in-the-hoop to alluring blackwork designs, they’ve got it all. My personal favorite? A pumpkin doll attire! Be sure to sign up to access these fabulous designs.

5. Julias Needle Designs

Julia’s collection is vast, so you might need to scroll a bit to unearth her Halloween treasures. I’ve got my eyes on a delightful trick-or-treat design for my daughters’ bags this year. The best part? No registration needed to download!

6. Embroider This!

Though their collection isn’t as extensive, they house some true gems! I’m utterly in love with their skull scroll designs. Just imagine them embroidered with glow-in-the-dark thread on guest towels!

7. GG Designs Embroidery

Currently, they’re featuring a variety of Halloween designs like a Jack-O-Lantern applique and a playful “Just boo-tiful” motif. Do note, they require quite a bit of personal info for account creation and downloads.

8. FreeEmbroideryDesign.net

Here you’ll find a range of charming Halloween appliques. A pro-tip: watch out for copyrighted character designs. Some designs are exclusive to premium members. A quick heads up: I’ve sometimes faced issues while logging in, so be patient if you face similar hiccups.

Website Features Luna’s Notes
Embroideres.com Unlimited downloads, no personal info required. Top pick for Halloween designs!
EmbroideryDesigns.com Extensive range, limited to 3 downloads/week. Has a review system.
Kreative Kiwi Embroidery In-the-hoop designs, Halloween themes. Go-to for unique designs.
SWAK Embroidery Range of Halloween patterns, registration required. Pumpkin doll attire is a must-have!
Julias Needle Designs Trick-or-treat designs, no registration for download. Perfect for kid’s bags.
Embroider This! Limited collection, unique designs. Skull scroll designs are a highlight.
GG Designs Embroidery Seasonal designs, account creation needed. “Just boo-tiful” motif is adorable.
FreeEmbroideryDesign.net Character patterns, premium designs. Be cautious of copyrighted characters.


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