20 Gifts for Machine Embroiderers – Ideas They’ll Love

Special occasions like Christmas, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day are perfect times to surprise an embroidery aficionado with a unique gift. Not an expert in embroidery? Don’t fret! I’ve curated this list of diverse, delightful, and practical gifts perfect for every embroidery devotee.

Embroidery Enthusiasts

Being a staunch embroidery enthusiast, I’ve used many of these items in my workspace. While some might need knowledge of the recipient’s specific machine, most will be a hit with any embroidery fan.

Luna’s Top 15 Embroidery Gift Ideas

  1. Cute Sewing Machine Flash Drive: Ideal for those with embroidery machines that support USBs. Besides making design transfers fun, it adds a dash of charm to any computer workstation.
  2. Thread Huggers: Embroidery threads can be slippery devils. These huggers keep them in place, eliminating the need for messy tapes or tangled threads. Also, bobbin thread clamps can be a neat addition!
  3. Exotic Threads: Elevate their embroidery game with unique threads like glow-in-the-dark, UV-sensitive, metallic, or variegated.
  4. Mini-Iron for Special Uses: A compact iron is a gem when it comes to applique or in-the-hoop quilting. It helps adhere fabrics effortlessly, all while keeping them in the hoop. The Steamfast and Clover II mini-irons are my top picks.
  5. Precision Scissors: Long, thin-tipped scissors like embroidery snips or duckbill applique scissors can make detailed tasks much easier.
  6. Embroidery Journal: A must-have for organized embroiderers. It’s a place to jot down details of their favorite projects, from design specifics to thread settings.
  7. Stitch Eraser: Because everyone makes mistakes, and this tool is a lifesaver for fixing those pesky stitching errors.
  8. Cricut Maker: For precision fabric cutting and pairing with embroidery machines. Those with Brother machines might fancy a Brother ScanNCut.
  9. Design Shop Gift Card: For the digital age embroiderers, an Etsy or specific design website gift card can open up a world of design possibilities.
  10. Silk Ribbon: An exquisite choice for the adventurous embroiderer. The ribbon can be used in multiple creative ways, including bobbinwork.
  11. Inspirational Embroidery Books: Physical books like “The Sewing Machine Embroiderer’s Bible” can be treasures for those who appreciate traditional reading.
  12. Subscription Boxes: A monthly surprise of designs and supplies can be exciting! The Kimberbell Bella Box and Annie’s Club charm pack kit are among my favorites.
  13. Sock Hoop: This quirky accessory is fun and versatile, aiding in embroidering unconventional items like socks, gloves, and leggings.
  14. Novel Embroidery Blanks: Help them break the monotony with unconventional embroidery blanks such as balsa wood, vinyl, or yoga mats.
  15. That Purple Thang: This tool ensures fingers stay safe during embroidery, and aids in sewing as well.

Quick Summary

Gift Type Description
Flash Drive Sewing machine-shaped for design transfers.
Thread Accessories Thread huggers, clamps, and unique threads.
Tools Mini-iron, precision scissors, stitch eraser.
Books & Cards Embroidery guidebooks and design shop gift cards.
Unique Items Sock hoop, unconventional blanks, and silk ribbon.


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