How Much Does a Serger Cost in 2023?

When I embarked on my sewing journey, my first serger was a pocket-friendly choice because of my tight financial situation at the time. Fast forward a few years, after settling my student loans and saving up, I invested in a high-end serger which cost me nearly ten times the price of my initial one! This wasn’t just because of inflation; sergers come with a vast price range based on multiple features.

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Want to understand the factors affecting serger prices? Let’s dive in!

Breaking Down Serger Costs

Here’s an overview of features that could bump up the price of your serger:

1. Air Threading

Air-threading technology is a game-changer in the serger world, making the once tedious task of threading serger looper threads a breeze. In fact, many top brands are now integrating this feature, first introduced by Baby Lock. Having experienced the hassle with my manual Brother 1034D serger, switching to an air-threading serger felt like magic. While it’s an absolute treat, it can add a considerable amount to the machine’s cost.

2. Automated Tension Adjustments

Sergers with automatic tension settings can be a bit pricier. Although mastering tension adjustments based on fabric, thread, and stitch isn’t rocket science, auto-tension settings can make things much simpler. However, remember that with some of these machines, you might still need to adjust other settings manually.

3. Combination Machines

Want more versatility in your stitching? Combo machines allow for both typical serger stitches and additional ones like chainstitch or coverstitch. But while they can be space-saving, I’ve personally found converting functions a bit tedious. So, I prefer keeping my serging and coverstitching machines separate.

4. Digital Features

Digital advancements aren’t just for smartphones; they’ve made their way into the sewing world as well. Sergers with LCD displays or touchscreens offer a more intuitive experience but come with a heftier price tag.

5. Stitching Speed

A serger that stitches faster can help you wrap up projects in record time. But be ready to pay a bit more for that speed advantage.

6. Type of Overlock Machine

Industrial-grade sergers designed for heavy-duty work are naturally pricier than home-based models.

7. New vs. Pre-loved Sergers

Considering a used serger? It can be an excellent way to get quality on a budget. Look for authorized dealers or certified refurbished options to ensure reliability and warranty coverage.

8. Brand Preferences

Brand reputation and manufacturing standards play a role in pricing. For instance, Bernina and Baby Lock tend to be pricier than Brother or Janome. It’s also interesting to note that not all brands produce their sergers in-house, leading to similarities in some models.

9. Where You Buy

Scouting for deals can save you quite a bit. Whether it’s a dealer special or an online discount, every penny saved counts!

Final Thoughts

Serger prices span a broad spectrum. And while I’ve loved working with budget-friendly models, upgrading has its perks. At the end of the day, it’s about your preferences and what you value in your serging experience. Whatever you decide, just remember to account for serger supplies in your budget. Happy serging, folks!

Key Factors Description
Air Threading Effortless threading using air suction technology.
Auto Tension Automated adjustments for thread tension.
Combo Machines Sergers with additional stitching capabilities.
Digital Features Incorporation of LCDs and touchscreens.
Stitching Speed Speed at which the serger can stitch.
Type of Machine Home-based vs. industrial grade.
New vs. Used Price difference based on condition and age.
Brand Variability in pricing based on brand reputation.
Purchase Location Where you buy can impact the final price.


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