How to Embroider Socks on a Machine – Sock Hoop Tutorial

Confession time: Sometimes I can’t help but splurge on unique craft items that catch my eye online. Case in point: the sock hoop. Who knew you could embroider socks with such ease? Until discovering this, socks were a no-go for me due to the challenges they posed for my single-needle embroidery machine. But no more! With the right tools, I’ve been jazzing up socks left and right at home. Want to know my secret? Keep reading!

Unlock Machine Embroidery Magic: Master Sock Hoop Skills!

Tools You’ll Need:

  • Brother SE1900 embroidery machine with a 4″x4″ hoop
  • The game-changing Sock hoop (Sock-Easy)
  • Stabilizers: sticky, self-adhesive tear-away and possibly a cut-away for dense patterns, topped with water-soluble Sulky Solvy
  • Needle: A 75/11 embroidery needle is your best bet
  • Threads: Opt for 60wt for intricate designs and letters on socks. Otherwise, 40wt should suffice.
  • Marking tools: Go for a water-soluble marking pen or placement stickers
  • Choose a compact embroidery design with a manageable stitch count
  • Odif 505 (not a must-have) and embroidery scissors to snip off extras

Embroidering on Socks: Step by Step

1. Stabilizer Setup

Knitted items like socks often demand a robust cut-away stabilizer. For simple designs, however, a tear-away stabilizer suffices. Start by hooping your sticky stabilizer, shiny side up. Gently score and peel off the sticker backing. Ensure your sock frame snugly fits your chosen hoop, like my 4″x4″ hoop.

2. Sock Marking

Decide on the design’s center on the sock and mark it. I’m a fan of the water-soluble pen for lighter socks and also recommend using placement stickers. This helps ensure designs on pairs align perfectly.

3. Master the Sock-Easy

The Sock-Easy tool, a thick wire frame available for both toddlers and adults, isn’t just for socks. It’s versatile enough for gloves and more. Using it might remind you of spatial reasoning tests. The key is ensuring the sock is stretched evenly to avoid post-embroidery puckering.

4. Attach Sock to Stabilizer

Once the sock is on the Sock-Easy, press it onto the stabilizer. Alignment is key: ensure your sock’s markings are both vertical and horizontal with the hoop.

5. Machine & Design Configuration

Load the hoop into your machine and layer it with a water-soluble topping. Next, upload your chosen design, adjust as necessary, and get embroidering! Just remember to be cautious when near the needle. After the magic happens, it’s time to free your sock from the hoop and clear away any residue.

Celebrate: You’ve mastered the art of sock embroidery!

Quick Recap
Tools Brother SE1900, Sock-Easy, stabilizers, 75/11 needle, 60wt or 40wt thread, marking tools, embroidery design, Odif 505, embroidery scissors
Steps 1. Set up stabilizer
2. Mark your sock
3. Use the Sock-Easy
4. Adhere sock to stabilizer
5. Prep machine & embroider


Complement the information with the following video: