How to Stop Knit Fabric From Curling & Rolling – Oh Jersey!

Mastering the Knit Fabric Roll

Master Jersey: Expert Tips to Prevent Knit Fabric Curling & Rolling

Ah, the charm of knit fabric! Particularly, the single-knit jersey is renowned for its natural tendency to curl or roll at its edges. Have you noticed how cut edges tend to roll towards the fabric’s right side when stretched, while jersey knit selvages favor the wrong side? This rolling trait, while handy for telling front from back, can make your sewing experience a bit of a challenge.

The rolled edges not only limit your cutting space but also make sewing a tad trickier. And let’s not even talk about folding those tiny strips of jersey for neckbands – a task I would rather not tackle!

But worry not! Here are some fabulous tricks to prevent your knit fabric from curling and to make your sewing adventures both smoother and more enjoyable!

1. Embrace the Power of Pattern Weights

For mild rolling, simply use pattern weights to pin down those curly edges. This easy hack will aid in cutting your fabric with ease. Pro tip: You don’t need fancy weights – everyday items around your home will do. Though, if you fancy, specialized sewing weights are just a click away on popular online stores.

2. Consider Serging the Edges

Although most knit fabrics don’t fray, serging can add that much-needed weight to the edges. Thanks to the serger stitch width, the fabric tends to stay in place without multiple curls. My trusty Brother serger has been a game-changer! Don’t have a serger? An overcast stitch on your regular machine can work wonders too. Just remember, this trick is best suited for larger fabric pieces with uncomplicated shapes. Also, be mindful of adjusting seam allowances if you trim any fabric during serging.

3. Press and Stiffen Your Fabric

Always iron your knit fabric before cutting to get rid of any wrinkles. However, do peek at the manufacturer’s guidelines to avoid damaging your precious fabric. ️ And while pressing can help, sometimes those stubborn rolls need a bit of starch magic. I’m quite partial to the Faultless Heavy Finish Starch, but there are numerous other options available, or even DIY if you’re feeling crafty!

A more premium choice I adore for special projects is Best Press. But remember to always test a small area first, especially when using starch, to avoid any surprises.

4. The Wonders of Terial Magic

For those particularly stubborn fabrics that refuse to behave, Terial Magic is your best friend. This fabric stiffener makes your fabric feel almost paper-like! It’s perfect for handling even the most rebellious of knits. Just ensure you follow the instructions carefully for the best results. However, a tiny drawback is that it might darken lighter fabrics temporarily, but a simple wash will set everything right.

5. DIY Solution with Water-Soluble Stabilizer

For my embroidery enthusiasts, dissolve leftover bits of water-soluble stabilizer like Sulky Solvy to whip up your own stabilizing solution. Once sprayed on the fabric and ironed, it offers varying degrees of stiffness depending on the stabilizer concentration. Best part? It washes out seamlessly, leaving your fabric as good as new.

Jersey Fabric Conquered! I hope you find these tricks helpful. Have you stumbled upon other genius hacks on your sewing adventures? Do share!

Quick Recap:

Tip Usage
Pattern Weights Hold down mild rolls during cutting
Serging Add weight to edges and prevent rolling
Press & Stiffen Iron out wrinkles and use starch for stubborn rolls
Terial Magic Stiffen fabric making it paper-like
DIY Stabilizer Create your own solution with water-soluble stabilizer


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