How to Thread a Singer Sewing Machine Easily (Pics+Video)

Hey there! It’s Luna here. I totally understand that threading a Singer sewing machine can feel a tad overwhelming, especially for those just starting out. Although Singer provides diagrams and manuals, real-life pictures often make the process clearer.

Master Singer Sewing: Easy Threading Guide with Visuals & Video!

For this guide, I’ll be using my Singer 1304 as the primary example. But don’t worry! I’ll also sprinkle in images from my other two Singer machines for better clarity. Most contemporary Singer models have a similar threading process.

Let’s dive into the essentials: threading the upper section, bobbin threading, and setting up either a top-load or front-load bobbin. Oh, and we’ll also touch on the key step of raising the bobbin thread before you begin your sewing journey.

Bobbin Threading on a Singer Sewing Machine: Step-by-Step

Kick things off by winding your bobbin. This usually takes place at the top of the machine. Just ensure you’re using the right bobbin. I personally use the Class 15 clear plastic bobbin. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Place your thread on the spool pin. Use a spool cap if required and ensure stability.
  • Guide your thread through the first thread guide.
  • Loop the thread around the tension disc and make sure it sits snugly between the discs.
  • Then, glide the thread through the bobbin’s top hole and secure the bobbin onto its spindle.
  • Shift the bobbin spindle rightwards, press the foot controller or start button, and let the winding magic happen! ✨
  • Once nearly full, release the control, slide the bobbin spindle left, snip the thread end, and remove the bobbin. Voilà!

Inserting the Bobbin: Top-Load and Front-Load Versions

Ready to place your wound bobbin into your Singer machine? Depending on your machine, you might either have a top-load or front-load bobbin.

  1. First things first: switch off your machine and set the needle at its peak position using the handwheel or needle-up button. And, don’t forget to raise the presser foot!
  2. For Front-Load Bobbins: Open the machine’s small compartment and the hinged cover. Extract the bobbin case and follow the visuals to correctly install your bobbin. Replace the case and close everything up!
  3. For Top-Load Bobbins: Push the button to reveal the bobbin cover. Remove the cover, insert the bobbin, and guide the thread as instructed on most Singer models. Return the bobbin cover, and you’re golden!

Threading the Top Part of Your Singer Sewing Machine

With the bobbin set, it’s time to attend to the upper thread. Here’s a condensed guide:

  1. Keep the machine off, elevate the needle and the presser foot, and ensure your thread rests on the spool pin.
  2. Thread the first guide, as done during bobbin winding.
  3. Guide the thread through subsequent guides and channels, finally reaching the needle. For ease, check out my special post on quick needle threading techniques!

Using the Singer’s Inbuilt Needle Threader

Needle threaders can be a touch sensitive. But once you get the hang of it, they’re a dream! Here’s a quick walk-through:

  1. Lower the presser foot.
  2. Bring down the needle threader partway, hook the thread onto its guide, and continue by following the threading path.
  3. Guide the thread through the needle’s eye and, with a gentle tug, you’re all set!

Final Step: Elevating the Bobbin Thread

Before taking off on your sewing adventure, ensure the bobbin thread is raised. By holding the upper thread and rotating the handwheel towards you, you can effortlessly pull the bobbin thread through the needle plate’s tiny hole. Align both threads behind the presser foot, and you’re sewing-ready!

Key Details at a Glance:

Step Description
Bobbin Threading Wind the bobbin, guide thread through tension discs, and use the foot controller for winding.
Bobbin Insertion Top-load or front-load based on your machine. Ensure bobbin is correctly oriented and placed.
Upper Thread Threading Guide thread through various machine guides, leading to the needle.
Using Needle Threader Hook thread on needle threader guide, follow the path, and thread the needle.
Raising Bobbin Thread Rotate handwheel and guide threads behind the presser foot.


Complement the information with the following video: