How to Wash Velvet Fabric (Clothes, Durags, Scrunchies)

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Velvet Care Guide: Expert Tips for Washing Velvet Clothes & Accessories

If you’ve been working with or wearing velvet, you know it’s essential to give it the right care. Whether it’s a luxurious velvet gown or that cute scrunchie you adore, knowing how to wash and maintain it is key to ensuring it stays fabulous for years to come.

Understanding Your Velvet

Not every piece of velvet is born the same. They can range from the opulent silk to everyday polyester or cotton. That’s why, before diving into the washing routine, it’s crucial to understand what you’re dealing with. Always peek at the tag on ready-made items or the info on the fabric bolt when purchasing yardage. Still unsure? Remember, pricier velvets typically require gentler care.

For those silken velvets, trust me, take them straight to the dry cleaners. However, more resilient types like rayon-blends might survive a hand wash. Still, you might not want to risk it as the velvet’s texture could alter post-wash. On the brighter side, types like polyester-blends and cotton are pretty chill about machine washing. Just be kind, use cold water, and low tumble dry. And if it has some stretch due to Lycra, keep it away from heat!

Watch Out for That Dye!

Ever had that shocking moment where your beautiful velvet piece colors everything else in the wash? I’ve been there, and it’s not pretty! Especially with velvet scrunchies. Always test first, especially with lower-quality fabrics. Cut a tiny piece, let it soak in cold water, and check if the water’s tinted. It’ll save you so much heartache!

To Prewash or Not?

Planning on sewing? Here’s my take: If you don’t plan to wash your finished piece, skip the prewash. For dry-clean-only velvet, a steam prep is enough. But for those laundered garments, do consider a prewash to remove extra dye or for preshrinking, especially for cotton velvet. And with stretch velvet, I always prewash. It just makes cutting and sewing smoother. ✂️

Cleaning Your Velvet: The Trio Technique

Before anything else, a gentle vacuum or brushing to remove dirt is a game-changer. And for a quick refresh without washing, steam your velvet in a bathroom filled with hot water, maybe even drop in some lavender oil for that calming fragrance.

Now, based on your velvet type and the care info, here are your main cleaning methods:

  1. Dry Cleaning: Not sure about your velvet’s washing needs? Play it safe and go professional. Your local dry cleaners have your back.
  2. Hand Washing & Spot Cleaning: If it’s not exclusively for dry cleaning, give hand washing a shot. If there’s a small stain, gently dab with a bit of mild detergent. For a full hand wash, immerse in cold, soapy water, rinse until clear, and pat dry without wringing.
  3. Machine Washing: If your velvet’s up for it, remember to first test with a small piece. Use cold water, a gentle cycle, and wash with similar colors. Drying in the machine? Low heat. Otherwise, hang it up, making sure the pile isn’t squashed.

Quick Tips for Drying and De-Wrinkling

Hang up your damp velvet, ensuring the pile’s texture isn’t flattened. If there are wrinkles post-dry, steam it carefully or use the fluff cycle on your dryer without heat. Keep that fabric’s integrity intact!

Summary Table

Aspect Details
Fiber Type Varies from silk to polyester to cotton
Dye Check Test in cold water for colorfastness
Prewashing for Sewing Recommended for laundered garments
Cleaning Methods Dry Cleaning, Hand Washing, Machine Washing
Drying Hang or tumble dry on low heat
De-Wrinkling Steam or use fluff cycle without heat


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