SewWhat-Pro Embroidery Software Review + Tutorial

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Master SewWhat-Pro: Ultimate Embroidery Software Guide & Tutorial

Embarking on the journey of embroidery? You might’ve stumbled upon SewWhat-Pro in your search for the perfect software. Known for its reputation as a beginner-friendly embroidery editing software, it boasts an attractive price point and can stand toe-to-toe with its competitors in terms of features.

The vast world of embroidery software can be somewhat overwhelming. But fear not! I’ve created this quick guide to delve into the wonders of SewWhat-Pro. I’ll give you an overview of its capabilities and sprinkle in some tutorial tips for good measure.

In my personal experience, I find its usability comparable to Embrilliance Essentials – and at half the cost! If you’re a visual learner, there are several YouTube tutorials available. One channel I’d recommend is The Baby’s Booty.

What Can SewWhat-Pro Do?

SewWhat-Pro is, at its core, an embroidery file editor and customizer. Imagine taking an embroidery design someone else has made and tweaking it to your heart’s desire. You can adjust size while considering stitch density, split designs, adorn them with borders, and even incorporate .ttf fonts from your computer for that personalized touch. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

However, it’s essential to note that SewWhat-Pro doesn’t have digitizing capabilities. If you’re dreaming of transforming your .jpg or .png images into embroidery designs, you’ll need a different software. While digitizing is an art in itself, editing pre-existing embroidery files is considerably more straightforward.

Considering its $65 price tag, the software offers remarkable value. If you’re on the hunt for full-fledged digitizing programs, prepare to invest upwards of $1000. But for the everyday hobbyist, SewWhat-Pro beautifully marries basic editing features with user-friendliness.

Introduction to SewWhat-Pro’s Interface

Upon launching the software, you’ll notice its neat interface. The top contains the Edit, Tools, and Options tabs, which house most of the editing functions. And if you spot icons at the top that seem alien, don’t fret – they’re just quick access points to functions in the tabs.

On the left, you’ll see the hoop where your design will reside, while the right side provides details about your imported design. And if you’re all about customization, the View tab lets you tailor the software’s appearance to your liking.

Diving Deeper: Features and Tutorials

With SewWhat-Pro, you can:

  • Convert embroidery file formats, such as from .pes to .jef.
  • Edit designs, including changing stitching order, thread colors, joining threads, splitting designs, and more.
  • Enhance designs with borders, appliques, and stitches suited for various fabrics.
  • Adjust stitch density and add basting stitches.
  • Preview designs and incorporate text, transforming computer fonts into embroidery lettering.

But remember, while SewWhat-Pro offers an array of editing tools, it doesn’t support digitizing. For those keen on auto-digitizing, you might want to explore SewArt, Embrilliance Stitch Artist, Hatch, or Embird.


Designed primarily for Windows, SewWhat-Pro won’t naturally fit into Macs, tablets, phones, or Chromebooks. Mac users, however, have a few tricks up their sleeve to get it running. But if you’re a dedicated Mac user, Embrilliance might be a smoother alternative. Regardless of your choice, always give software a test run before diving into a purchase.

Table of Key Details

Feature Description
Software Name SewWhat-Pro
Type Embroidery file editor
Price $65
Digitizing Capability No
Compatibility Windows (Workarounds available for Mac)
Recommended Tutorial Channel The Baby’s Booty


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