How To Get Cheap Fabric – 15 Creative Places to Look

Fabric prices have skyrocketed over the years. Gone are the days when crafting your clothes from fabric was the affordable way to go, as my mom often did. In the early days of my sewing journey, the fear of ruining pricy fabric kept me from starting. Then I began my quest for budget-friendly fabric. Practicing on less costly fabric is a game-changer. It’s also handy for trying out a pattern before committing your premium material. But, how to source it? No need to empty your wallet; I’m here to share tips on where to find these affordable treasures.

Find Affordable Fabrics: Top 15 Creative Sources Unveiled!

Repurposing: A Sewer’s Best Friend

Turning existing materials into something fresh is my top pick for economical sewing. Just about any fabric item in your house can be reinvented with a touch of imagination. Whether it’s crafting a new bag, piece of clothing, or home accessory, old pieces can serve brilliantly.

I once made a dress for my daughter using a twin-sized sheet. And remember, those discarded garments can also be perfect for embroidery! My elaborate doll house quilt utilized fabrics from worn-out shirts, pants, and scrubs to achieve its unique look. A cute little bed design came from repurposing one of my daughter’s old baby shirts.

A. Household Treasures

Here are some of my top picks for household items you can transform:

  • Bedsheets: Perfect for testing patterns.
  • Tablecloths: They can become beautiful dresses. I made one by combining a tablecloth with a short shirt.
  • Pillowcases: Ideal for crafting smaller cushions.
  • Curtains
  • Fleece blankets: Can be made into comfy sleepwear.
  • Shower curtains: Suitable for outdoor projects or bag creations.

B. Clothing Reconstructions

Clothing, especially larger sizes, can be turned into smaller, chic outfits. Here are some favorites to consider:

  • Large dresses
  • Oversized shirts and jackets: I’ve made stylish pillow covers from them.
  • Denim jeans: Think quilts!
  • Sweaters
  • Men’s dress shirts: How about a chic drawstring backpack?
  • Pajama pants: Easily converted to shorts.
  • Fleece jackets: Once I turned one into a cozy doll sleeping bag.

C. Notions Repurposing

Before tossing old clothes, salvage those valuable sewing notions! I often collect buttons and even extract zippers from baby sleepers. Did you know that those long zippers are quite costly when purchased on their own? Plus, it’s a fun task to indulge in while enjoying your favorite shows.

Where to Scout for Affordable Fabric

Aside from repurposing, there are various places to hunt for fabric bargains:

  1. Garage and Estate Sales: These events are gold mines for fabric enthusiasts. Often, they list items online with images.
  2. Thrift Stores: Stores like Goodwill offer a range of clothing and items. Look for unique prints or fabrics to use for practicing.
  3. Church Sales: Especially in Texas, churches often hold sales where you can discover fabric gems.
  4. Flea Markets: Another spot to find affordable materials.
  5. Antique Shops: For those vintage fabric lovers.
  6. Friends and Family: I always ask my loved ones to show me items they’re giving away.

New but Affordable

If you’re more inclined towards new items, there are still bargains to be had:

  1. Dollar Tree: Surprisingly, you can find fabric, ribbons, and other sewing essentials here.
  2. Kohl’s and Clearance Stores: Stores that offer major discounts can be a haven for cheap yet quality fabric.
  3. Ross, Marshall’s, and similar stores: Like new-item thrift shops, you never know what you might discover.

Budget-friendly Specialty Stores

Even in stores known for crafting supplies, deals can be found:

  1. Hobby Lobby: While their discounts aren’t as frequent, they occasionally offer sales on fabric. Plus, they have clearance sections.
  2. JOANN: With regular sales and coupons, you can find a bargain. Don’t forget to check out their remnants!

Online Bargains

If local sources fall short, online stores offer a plethora of options. Some of my favorites include and These sites often have clearance sections and free shipping offers based on purchase amounts.

Table of Highlights

Repurposing Ideas Household items, clothing, notions
Places to Scout Garage sales, thrift stores, church sales, flea markets, antique shops, friends and family
New but Affordable Dollar Tree, clearance stores, Ross, Marshall’s, etc.
Specialty Stores Hobby Lobby, JOANN
Online Options,

In summary, there’s always a way to find affordable fabric if you’re open to exploring various sources and considering repurposing. Your creativity combined with these tips will ensure your sewing journey remains budget-friendly and enjoyable. Happy sewing!


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