5 Best Machine Embroidery Scissors (Types Explained!)

Embroidery Scissors: Your Secret Tool for Perfect Embroidery ✂️

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While sewing scissors are universally known, the world of embroidery scissors offers specialized tools that can be a game-changer for your crafting journey. The right pair can significantly enhance your embroidery experience.

Which Embroidery Scissors Should You Have?

Let’s delve into five embroidery scissors types that might just be the perfect fit for your craft room:

1. Classic Embroidery Scissors

Typically measuring around 4 inches, these are the quintessential embroidery scissors. Great for trimming both hand and machine embroidery threads, their precision is unmatched. Brands like Gingher, Fiskars, and Singer stand out, but there are cost-effective options available on platforms like Amazon. And yes, these classic scissors are friendly for both right- and left-hand users.

2. The Quirky Stork Scissors

Shaped like a stork and often available in varied designs, these scissors are perfect for cross-stitch, hand, and machine embroidery. Apart from their practicality, their rich history makes them a charming addition to any craft room.

3. Curved Embroidery Scissors

As the name suggests, they are like the classic ones but have a curve at the tip. Ideal for intricate embroidery tasks like trimming applique fabrics, they offer precision, especially in tight spots. My personal favorite? The Singer extra-curved ones.

4. Double-Curved Embroidery Scissors

With an additional curve near the handle and a bit longer in size, these scissors allow you to trim fabric and threads without removing the hoop. Perfect for those looking to work uninterrupted!

5. Duckbill Applique Scissors

Their unique design ensures you don’t accidentally snip more than intended. They’re fantastic for trimming appliques, but when it comes to stabilizers, you might need a separate pair. Brands like Gingher are my go-to for precise cuts.

6. Handy Thread Snips ✄

Compact and incredibly efficient for trimming thread ends, thread snips come in various styles. However, a word of caution: They might not be the best for fabric.

At a Glance: Embroidery Scissors Essentials

Type Description Use Case
Classic Embroidery 4-inch standard scissors Trimming threads
Stork Scissors Stork-shaped design Cross-stitch, hand, and machine embroidery
Curved Embroidery Classic scissors with a curved tip Intricate embroidery tasks
Double-Curved Embroidery Additional curve near the handle Trimming without removing the hoop
Duckbill Applique Unique duckbill design Trimming appliques
Thread Snips Compact design for thread trimming Trimming thread ends


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