15+ FREE Machine Embroidery Quilting Designs

Hey there! It’s Luna here, your go-to fashion designer who loves creating from scratch. I’m so excited to dive into the wonders of embroidery machines in quilting. These machines offer a whole new world of creativity for quilters!

Unlock Creativity: 15+ Free Embroidery Designs for Quilting Mastery

Whether you’re stepping into the realm of quilting with an embroidery machine for the first time or hunting for fresh ideas, I’ve got a collection of free embroidery machine quilting designs you’ll adore. Let’s jump right in!

And oh, if you’re wondering where to snag some incredible designs for purchase, I’ve got some fabulous recommendations coming right up!

Free Embroidery Machine Quilting Designs

Pro tip: Always remember to download these designs in the format compatible with your machine, like .jef for Janome or .pes for most Brother machines. And, if a design resonates with you, don’t forget to support the digitizer!

1. Stippling Embroidery Designs

Stippling stitches are a quilter’s best friend for small projects. They’re super useful for completing quilts, especially when you want a connected design for continuous quilting. For the tech-savvy folks, I craft my designs using Hatch software, but for those on a budget, SewWhat-Pro is a fantastic choice.

  • GG Designs Embroidery offers free stippling stitches that come in various sizes and spacings, providing you flexibility in your projects.
  • Kreative Kiwi has another set of stippling designs in various machine formats and sizes for your choosing.

2. Quilting-in-the-Hoop Designs

If you’re in the mood for something a tad different, here are sites providing alternative quilting block designs:

  • Kreative Kiwi brings you a cross-hatch quilting design, perfect for crafting quilted fabric for items like potholders.
  • Five Star Fonts Embroidery has a diamond quilted applique frame in several sizes.
  • EmbroideryDesigns.com boasts two delightful cross-stitch patterns resembling quilt blocks. If they pique your interest, they have more designs available for purchase.

3. Continuous Quilting Designs

For those who love designs that offer a seamless look, continuous quilting designs are the way to go! Here are some free options:

  • Designs by Juju has a unique end-to-end quilting design. Their website also features a range of similar designs at affordable rates.
  • Amelie Scott provides free patriotic edge-to-edge designs, along with many other continuous designs up for grabs.

4. Comprehensive Quilt Designs and Instructions

If you’re looking for a complete guide, Hatch by Wilcom offers tutorials on designing various types of quilting blocks. Plus, they come with free design downloads!

5. Best Places to Buy Embroidery Quilting Designs

Looking to invest? Here are my top picks for sites offering exquisite quilting designs:

  • Etsy: My personal favorite for edge-to-edge designs is JLdizains.
  • Anita Goodesign: Their designs are an investment, but they’re absolutely worth it. The “Mix and Match Quilting Collection” is a must-see.
  • Embroidery Library and Kimberbell: Both are treasure troves of quality quilting embroidery designs.
  • DIME and Embroidery Online Designs: They offer innovative techniques and a plethora of design choices.
Category Recommendations
Free Stippling Designs GG Designs Embroidery, Kreative Kiwi
Quilting-in-the-Hoop Kreative Kiwi, Five Star Fonts Embroidery, EmbroideryDesigns.com
Continuous Quilting Designs by Juju, Amelie Scott
Tutorials & Designs Hatch by Wilcom
Buy Quilting Designs Etsy, Anita Goodesign, Embroidery Library, Kimberbell, DIME, Embroidery Online Designs


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