20+ Dollar Tree Sewing Supplies Worth Buying

Did you know that despite the price hike at Dollar Tree, with items now costing $1.25 and the introduction of $3 and $5 sections, their craft supply aisle is still flourishing? I ventured to our neighborhood Dollar Tree recently and was excited to spot some fabulous sewing goodies!

Top 20+ Dollar Tree Sewing Finds: Quality on a Budget!

1. Fabric Strip Packs

Ever heard of Moda’s famous term “jelly roll”? At Dollar Tree, you can grab their rendition of these for $5! They’re essentially sets of 2.5″x42″ fabric strips that are color-coordinated. With the abundant jelly roll quilt patterns around, these packs are a steal!

2. Fat Quarter Bundles

It’s fantastic that Dollar Tree offers fat quarter bundles – 5 pieces of 18″x21″ matching quilting cotton – for only $5. Having bought several of these bundles, I can attest to their quality, especially for appliqué and general sewing.

3. Individual Fat Quarters

Keep an eye out for their ever-changing range of single fat quarters. Yet, in terms of value, grabbing the $5 bundle of five seems like a smarter choice.

4. HTV (Iron-On Vinyl)

Dollar Tree’s new collection includes neon iron-on vinyl. This can be quite handy for appliqués with both embroidery and regular sewing machines. While I’ve not tested its durability in washing, I’ve had positive experiences with their other iron-on products.

5. Sewing Kits

Stumbled upon sewing kits right at the checkout line! Containing essentials for hand stitching, these are nifty gifts or emergency sewing fixes on-the-go.

6. Mini Crafting Irons

If these mini-irons prove to be of good quality, then they’re a bargain compared to others on the market.

7. Rotary Cutter

For a mere $1.25, this 28mm rotary cutter isn’t too shabby. But, be prepared for a bit more effort to get the blade going.

8. Petite Cutting Mat

Pair the aforementioned rotary cutter with Dollar Tree’s 7″x9″ self-healing mat for a mini setup ideal for smaller tasks.

9. Hook Racks

For those adventurous enough, there are 6-hook racks perfect for hanging scissors and other sewing tools.

10. Pegboard Pieces

Pegboards are fantastic for maximizing wall space. My sewing room has both IKEA and Home Depot pegboards, but it might be worth checking out Dollar Tree’s too!

11. Magnifying Sheet

For those with eyesight challenges, this sheet magnifies 3x, aiding in better visibility while sewing.

12. Lint Rollers

A quick solution to get rid of annoying threads and fuzz from your sewing projects.

13. Plastic Storage Bags

When I run out of my regular containers, I find these slider bags handy for storing ongoing sewing projects.

14. Measurement Instruments

A variety of tools like tape measures and rulers can be found, essential for precise sewing.

15. Spray Bottles

I prefer one with water and another with liquid stabilizer, made from dissolved embroidery stabilizer scraps.

16. Repurposable Fabrics

Fleece blankets, pillowcases, and sheets available at Dollar Tree are fantastic for creative repurposing into various sewing projects.

17. Felt Rolls

These are great for projects that demand a bit more rigidity.

18. Elastic Varieties

The array of elastics at Dollar Tree is priced lower than many bigger stores, which is a pleasant surprise!

19. Calculator

Trust me, even the best of us need to double-check our sewing math, especially when working with pricey fabrics.

20. Ribbons

For that extra flair in your sewing projects, a variety of ribbons are available to choose from.

21. Finger Shields

Perfect for those moments when things might get a little heated during pressing or glueing.

22. Glue Stick

While not my top pick, many sewists vouch for the effectiveness of regular school glue in certain sewing tasks.

23. Tracing Substitutes

Whether it’s parchment paper or freezer paper, these can be handy substitutes for tracing patterns.

24. Organizational Containers

For orderly storage of sewing knick-knacks, there’s a plethora of options at Dollar Tree.

Item Description Price
Fabric Strip Packs Color-coordinated 2.5″x42″ fabric strips $5
Fat Quarter Bundles 5 pieces of 18″x21″ matching quilting cotton $5


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