Embroidery Super Deal Review – Is It Legit and Worth It?

Embroidery Super Deal: A Deep Dive by Luna

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Hey there, fashion enthusiasts! Luna here. As someone who’s always looking for fresh embroidery fonts, I was thrilled to come across Embroidery Super Deal. Scouting for pocket-friendly embroidery fonts can be a tough job. And trust me, dishing out over $5 for each new font wasn’t appealing.

Although I have embroidery software that turns .otf and .ttf fonts to embroidery fonts, it isn’t always spot-on. Let’s be real, manually digitized fonts by seasoned pros generally come out cleaner than computer-generated ones. So, when I spotted an offer to get the entire Embroidery Super Deal’s collection (over 200 fonts) for just $20, I thought, “Why not?” Worst case? I’d pen down an honest review for my readers. Best case? My font shopping would be on pause for quite some time!

For those pondering about investing in this design hub, here’s my take on Embroidery Super Deal. And just to clear the air, I’m not sponsored or affiliated with them. This is straight from my heart (and my experience).

A little sneak peek – while I find this deal super valuable, there are a few tweaks I’d suggest. More on that later!

Fun fact: they boast a bustling Facebook community with over 20,000 members! My experience with their website dates back to 2020. The smooth downloads and the site’s longevity (since 2014 or maybe earlier) speak volumes about their credibility. But, there was a hiccup in 2022 when I faced an account glitch. After a series of emails and a chat with the owner, things got back on track. If you ever need assistance, shoot an email to blastohelp[at]gmail[dot]com. They’re pretty responsive!

Embroidery Super Deal’s Pricing Breakdown

Previously, for a one-time $20 fee, you’d get access to all their current designs, and for an extra $10, you’d unlock future designs. So basically, if you planned to nab more than 6 design packs (each roughly at $3), this was a jackpot!

However, they’ve now transitioned to a monthly subscription of $19.99. You can still grab all their content for a one-month subscription at $20. But for ongoing designs, it’s either $20/month or a one-time payment of $249.99. Stick around, and I’ll contrast this with other embroidery platforms soon!

On the checkout note, they gather all your details and provide multiple payment options – credit card, Amazon Pay, or PayPal. Although it puzzled me a bit that my payment was processed by www.dailyarthub.com and not their main website. Later, I connected the dots. They own multiple sites, including a daily clip art platform and another named Blasto Stitch (I got their full deal too! You can catch my review on that).

Design Quality Check

As an ardent designer, I’ve tried, tested, and inspected multiple designs and fonts from their stash. While I consider myself moderately skilled, from my perspective, their designs are top-notch. Each stitch-out I’ve attempted came out impeccably. Kudos to the expert digitizers behind the scenes!

Why Luna’s Obsessed with Embroidery Super Deal

  1. FONTS: They’re often pricey. But here, you get a wholesome 200-font pack. Just a heads up, be cautious with commercial usage, especially with fonts mimicking Disney, Star Wars, Jeopardy, Coca-Cola, and Super Mario. Copyright issues might arise!
  2. IDEAS: Their themed design “packs” are a treasure trove for gifting inspo. Whether it’s Christmas or any other occasion, dive in for endless ideas.
  3. DESIGN GALORE: With thousands of designs at your fingertips, it’s value for money!

Comparing with Other Platforms

At $19.99 per month, it’s a steal if you download everything in the first month and then bow out. Yet, considering long-term value, there are platforms that offer more for less. Take Creative Fabrica, for instance. They charge only $1 for the first month and $19 for subsequent months. And they’re not just about embroidery. They’re a creative goldmine with a plethora of SVG files, graphics, and fonts. So, while I adore Embroidery Super Deal, they might seem a tad pricey compared to the competition.

My Two Cents on Improvement

In the past, they kept hinting at the end of their full-site deal, which went on for years before they finally transitioned to the new pricing. That was a tad misleading. A few in-the-hoop projects could use more detailed tutorials for newbies. And personally, I wish they had a .esa format for their fonts. But hey, they do offer .bx formats for many!

Final Overview

To wrap it up, Embroidery Super Deal is legit, offers quality designs, and has a vibrant online community. Would I go back for more? Absolutely!

Quick Details:

Feature Details
Website Embroidery Super Deal
Facebook Community 20,000+ members
Initial Offer $20 for entire site
Current Subscription $19.99/month
Lifetime Access $249.99
Unique Feature 200+ Fonts Collection


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