11 Sites With the Best FREE Embroidery Designs

Hey there, Luna here! I’m thrilled to pass along my go-to sources for complimentary machine embroidery patterns! When my embroidery journey began, the idea of splurging on software was a bit much, considering all the other essentials I had to stock up on. But, oh, the joy of finding exquisite designs for free!

Unlock Creativity: Top 11 Free Embroidery Design Havens!

Discovering free patterns became my treasure hunt, enhancing my projects far beyond what came with my machine. Even after getting my own software, I still delight in sewing designs crafted by other talented artists. It’s a huge time-saver, and why reinvent the wheel when the work’s been done beautifully already?

I have a soft spot for designers who generously offer freebies—it’s a testament to their quality. Once I’ve tried and loved their free designs, I’m all in for supporting their craft by purchasing their work. Now, let’s dive into my curated list of sites for fetching those freebies!

Remember, if you’re planning to sell your embroidered creations, always check the licensing terms for each design. Most allow for personal use and limited commercial sales, but mass production often requires special permission. Steer clear of copyrighted characters unless you’re getting them from licensed sources.

Top Spots for Free Embroidery Designs

Curious about where to snag some awesome free embroidery designs? I’ve got you covered. Here’s a rundown of some top websites where you can indulge in your embroidery passions without spending a dime.

Embroidery Design Havens

  • Creative Fabrica: A treasure trove of freebies with over 700 to pick from, plus a weekly design sent straight to your inbox!
  • EmbroideryDesigns.com: A vast selection of designs up for grabs weekly, with additional freebies unlocked with purchases.
  • Oregon Patchworks: Quality samplers from various designers, with more free patterns available with purchases.
  • Embroideres.com: An extensive array of designs available for instant download, no account needed.
  • Ann the Gran: Offers a similar deal with weekly free designs, and more with purchases.
  • Bunnycup Embroidery: Adorable patterns perfect for children’s projects, plus weekly freebies via email.
  • SWAK Embroidery: A variety of designs, including many blackwork files, with a focus on non-cutesy styles.
  • Kreative Kiwi Embroidery: Unique in-the-hoop projects and designs, with a handful of free patterns available.
  • Oma’s Place: Seasonally updated free designs and a myriad of patterns for purchase.
  • Daily Embroidery: Daily free designs on offer, with full access available through their club membership.

When you’re on the hunt for free embroidery patterns, remember to consider the design size relative to your machine’s hoop capabilities. Always test new designs on scrap fabric, especially if you’re working with expensive materials, to ensure the quality and suitability.

How to Access Free Designs

Most designs will be in a .zip format, requiring extraction before use. Ensure the design is in the correct format for your machine to avoid errors during transfer, which can be done via USB, WiFi, or direct computer connection.

Important Tips for Free Embroidery Designs

Tip Details
Commercial Use Check the designer’s licensing terms before using designs for commercial sales.
Copyrighted Characters Avoid using designs of copyrighted characters unless from a licensed source.
Design Quality Test new designs and read reviews to ensure they are well-digitized.
File Formats Download in the correct file format for your machine and unzip if necessary.
Stitching Test Always do a test stitch on scrap material before the final project.


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