20+ FREE Printable Clothes Patterns to Sew for 11.5″ Dolls

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Unlock Creativity: 20+ Free Doll Outfit Patterns for 11.5″ Fashionistas!

For Christmas, my little girl wished for plastic dolls and a collection of chic outfits for them. While I didn’t play much with Barbies or Bratz during my childhood, meaning no hand-me-downs, I absolutely adore sewing for her larger 18” doll!

However, I found myself facing a challenge when trying to shop for readymade clothes for the more standard 11.5″ fashion dolls. Local stores came up short on both Barbie-branded outfits and patterns. Determined, I started rummaging through my fabric scraps, planning to craft a stylish wardrobe for these new dolls post-holidays.

I embarked on an online journey to discover free sewing patterns suitable for 11″-11.5″ plastic fashion dolls like Barbie, Bratz, Sindy, L.O.L. Surprise, and even budget-friendly options from Dollar Tree. If you, like me, are just diving into the world of sewing for these dolls or are seeking fresh ideas, stick around! I’ve curated a list of awesome free patterns shared by our fellow bloggers!

Free Sewing Patterns for 11.5″ Dolls (E.g., Barbie, Bratz, Sindy, LOL Surprise)

Note: As plastic dolls vary slightly in dimensions, you might need to make minor adjustments to some patterns. Or, opt for designs that use knit fabrics, which are more adaptable to diverse doll figures.

Skirt & Dress Patterns for Dolls – Free Downloads & Guides

  • Chellywood boasts a vast array of free 11″ doll clothing patterns. Navigate their website to unearth these treasures.
  • Seeking a statement piece? Try the flowy skirt from Craftiness is Not Optional, which can be jazzed up with trims and accessories.
  • For a delightful summer dress suitable for Sindy or any 11″ doll, look no further than A Rose Tinted World’s design with its charming back fastener.
  • Sewing and Pattern offers a straightforward A-Line skirt, perfect for beginners. From the same creator, you can find an A-Line dress, strapless sundress, and even a bridal gown pattern!
  • For more variety, Craftiness is Not Optional presents a versatile dress pattern with options for strapless, cap sleeve, or ribbon spaghetti straps.
  • Why not upcycle? Transform a denim scrap into a chic skirt with the tutorial from AllFreeCrafts.
  • Alternatively, utilize a child’s old sock to create a unique, no-sew doll dress, as shown by The Moody Fashionista.
  • For those who prefer custom fits, Happier Than a Pig in Mud’s strapless dress tutorial walks you through tailoring the outfit precisely to your doll.

Shirts, Jeans, & Shorts Patterns for 11″ Dolls

  • Pixie Faire’s knit t-shirt pattern is a rare find, and it’s especially forgiving with slight measurement discrepancies.
  • Craftiness is Not Optional provides a quick-sew cap-sleeve top pattern made of woven fabric.
  • For a functional addition to a doll’s attire, try Sew What Yvette’s leggings pattern. Because dolls can’t always be in dresses!

Complete Outfit Collections

  • Ageberry offers a combined skirt and shirt pattern, complete with an SVG file. It’s a blast for Cricut owners!
  • Emby Quinn provides a range of downloadable patterns. While they’re only accompanied by written instructions, they’re worth the exploration.

Accessory Sewing Patterns

Delight your doll with a mermaid tail and top crafted from an old swimsuit or fabric remnant, thanks to Sew Spoiled’s pattern. My own daughter, having dressed as a mermaid for Halloween, would absolutely adore this! ‍♀️

Patterns for Other Doll Sizes & More!

I’ll continuously expand this list with new discoveries or my own creations. For those seeking patterns for larger dolls, I have an extensive list of free printable patterns available. Additionally, I’ve got a treasure trove of free toddler sewing patterns for downloading. Happy sewing!

Section Details
Doll Size 11″-11.5″
Material Preference Knit fabrics
Popular Doll Brands Barbie, Bratz, Sindy, L.O.L. Surprise
Pattern Variety Skirts, Dresses, Shirts, Jeans, Accessories


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