500+ FREE Baby Embroidery Designs to Download for Your Machine

Embroider for the Little Ones!

Unlock Creativity: 500+ Free Baby Embroidery Patterns for Your Machine!

If you’re like me, you can’t resist the sight of babies, and they make the perfect canvas for your next embroidery creation! There’s a plethora of delightful baby embroidery patterns available online for free, and I’m thrilled to share some with you.

Embroidering items like onesies, diaper bags, burp cloths, and bibs for new moms gives me so much joy. Need some inspiration? I’ve got you covered with a list of ideas for baby embroidery projects!

Though I do own some high-end embroidery software, there are days I just fancy using a pre-existing design. It saves me the trouble of creating one from scratch, given my obsessive attention to detail.

For those who, like me, value saving a buck here and there, here’s a curated list of sites where you can find adorable baby embroidery designs at no cost:

1. Ann the Gran

This website offers more than 100 free baby designs suitable for boys and girls. While some designs might seem quirky, others, like the “Daddy’s lil angel” text, are just delightful. However, there’s a limit of three free downloads per week.

2. Bunnycup Embroidery

I adore Bunnycup for its vast selection of “cute” baby designs. They also host many freebies, and my top picks include the nursery rhymes, little faces, and Daisy Mae bunny designs.

3. Embroidery Designs

With over 100 free designs for baby boys and girls, this site is a gem. Designs like the C.U.T.I.E. patch and “Daddy’s little deer” are especially charming. Remember, you can only download three designs per week without a purchase.

4. Embroideres.com

Nearly 100 freebies are available here, from numbers for milestone onesies to adorable baby designs perfect for shower gifts. Be cautious of ads, and ensure you hit the correct download button!

5. Kreative Kiwi

My go-to for both free and premium in-the-hoop designs. They shine with their range of simple running stitch designs perfect for baby quilts. Definitely worth a peek!

6. Embroider This!

A delightful mix of designs not only for babies but older children as well. The baby animal patterns are particularly endearing!

7. Freeembroiderydesign.net

This site boasts hundreds of baby designs. Watch out for premium ones marked with a ribbon. Always do a test stitch-out, as some designs might not align perfectly!

8. SWAK Embroidery

Plenty of freebies here! While not all designs are to my taste, some, like the blackwork designs, are just perfect for a baby quilt.

More Spots to Explore:

  • Creative Appliques: Offers free applique frames perfect for baby monograms.
  • Royal Present Embroidery: Find a delightful stork delivering a baby design here.
  • Creative Fabrica: Regularly hosts 30-100 free designs. You might strike gold with baby patterns!
Website Description
Ann the Gran 100+ free designs, limit of 3 downloads per week.
Bunnycup Embroidery Extensive selection of cute designs, including nursery rhymes.
Embroidery Designs 100+ designs for boys and girls, 3 free downloads per week.
Embroideres.com Numbers, baby designs, and maternity themes.
Kreative Kiwi In-the-hoop and quilt designs.
Embroider This! Mix of baby and children designs.
Freeembroiderydesign.net Hundreds of designs, but check for premium ones.
SWAK Embroidery Blackwork designs and other freebies.


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