7 Best FREE Quilt Design Software for Beautiful Creations

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Unlock Creativity: Top 7 Free Quilt Design Tools for Stunning Projects

When I begin crafting my quilt designs, I often find solace in sketching with colored pencils on graph paper. But lately, I’ve integrated quilt design software to visualize the final piece. This software is a dream come true, allowing me to assemble block designs, try out different fabrics, and even estimate the fabric amounts I’ll need before making the first cut.

Before I got the hang of the software I currently love, I did a deep dive into several free quilt design programs. They were super helpful in understanding what I wanted from such software. Curious about what’s out there? Here’s a curated list of some top free quilt design software for you to explore:

1. PreQuilt

PreQuilt is a popular free online platform to experiment with quilt designs. With its free demo, you can play with colors and block designs without the hassle of registering. But, if you want to save your masterpiece or access their vast library of over 1200 pre-loaded blocks, there’s a subscription fee. Their interface is user-friendly, but if you face challenges, they have a YouTube channel packed with tutorials. However, remember, the free version won’t let you save and revisit your designs. It’s best used on a large screen for a clearer view of your blocks and grids.

2. AccuQuilt Go! Quilt

I have a soft spot for AccuQuilt Go! Their website is a treasure trove of free quilt designs and virtual sessions for inspiration. While not exactly a standalone software, it allows you to personalize pre-existing quilt patterns. After you’ve tailored the design to your liking, they offer downloadable piecing instructions. This software syncs beautifully with the AccuQuilt dies I own, making it even more delightful to use.

3. MyWebQuilter

Although an older platform, MyWebQuilter offers remarkable functionality for a free tool. Apart from designing, you can utilize its calculator to determine fabric needs for various parts of your quilt. The site also hosts a range of tutorials to guide you through different quilting processes.

4. PatternJam

PatternJam is my go-to for drawing inspiration from fellow quilters. Once you register, you can access numerous designs shared by the community and even download their patterns. This platform is perfect if you wish to modify existing patterns and view different color schemes and configurations. The downside? It lacks detailed tutorials, but fret not; the online quilting community has your back with various YouTube guides.

5. Quilt Assistant

Quilt Assistant stands out by transforming photos into unique quilt patterns. Instead of standard pixel quilts, this software breaks down images into diverse shapes, allowing you to craft one-of-a-kind paper pieced blocks and quilts. If you’re a fan of innovative designs, this is your jam!


INKSCAPE, primarily known for embroidery digitizing, is a boon for quilters adept with vector graphics. It’s an open-source alternative to major design software and, while not tailored for quilting, can be repurposed beautifully with a bit of learning.


For those who have a knack for graphics, GIMP offers endless possibilities. From designing fabrics to finalizing quilt patterns, this free, open-source tool caters to all your design whims. Although a bit advanced, with the right tutorials, you can harness its full potential.

Quick Notes

Although I’m partial to EQ8 by the Electric Quilt Company, the free software options above are fantastic starting points to venture into digital quilt designing. As the world of software is ever-evolving, do keep an eye out for updates or new arrivals in the market. Enjoy your quilting journey!

Software Description Subscription Required
PreQuilt Online quilt design with over 1200 pre-loaded blocks. For saving and accessing premium features.
AccuQuilt Go! Quilt Customize pre-made quilt patterns. No
MyWebQuilter Design and fabric calculation tools. No
PatternJam Community-driven design platform. No
Quilt Assistant Convert photos to quilt patterns. No
INKSCAPE Vector graphics software repurposed for quilting. No
GIMP Image manipulation for quilt design. No


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