15 Types of Measuring Tools in Sewing (Names & Pictures)

Perfect measurements in sewing make a world of difference! When it comes to things like clothing, home decor, patterns, fabric lengths, hems, or seam allowances, the key lies in using the proper measuring tools. And remember, always measure twice to cut once! Here’s a compilation of my go-to tools for every sewing need.

Master Your Craft: 15 Essential Measuring Tools for Sewing - Guide with Images

1. Tape Measure

An essential tool, tape measures can be soft, flexible, retractable, or even long, industrial types. They’re versatile, measuring everything from human bodies to fabric lengths. The best material for a tape measure? Fiberglass! It doesn’t stretch out. And, I adore the convenience of carrying a retractable one during my shopping trips. ️

2. Rulers

Perfect for pattern adjustments and measuring smaller fabric pieces, rulers are a sewing staple. The transparent acrylic rulers are my favorite, especially for marking buttonholes, tucks, pleats, and more. There are even special rulers, like my beloved Martelli strip ruler, ideal for quilting. ✨

3. Yardstick or Meterstick

An unbending friend for measuring long fabric lengths or drawing straight pattern lines. Plus, if it’s metallic, it’s perfect for use with a rotary cutter!

4. Flexible Curve Ruler

The specialty of this ruler is its bendability, ideal for measuring tricky curves like necklines and armholes. It’s also handy for quilters who need precise allowances.

5. Adjustable Seam Gauge

A must-have in any sewing space, it’s great for marking accurate seam allowances and other measurements.

6. Measuring Gauges

I cherish my 14-in-1 measuring gauge and the Clover Seams Right. They simplify the process of checking measurements, especially in detailed projects.

7. Pattern Drafting Tools

From the French curve to tailor’s square, these tools are indispensable for pattern drafting and adjustments. My top pick? The Fashion Ruler. But, a word of caution: some aren’t as durable as they seem!

8. Self-Healing Cutting Mat

Not just for cutting, but also for measurements! These mats offer reference angles and measurements, especially useful for quilters. ✂️

9. T-Square

Resembling a big T, this tool aids in drawing lengthy lines and making pattern modifications. A go-to for those looking for precision.

10. Quilting Rulers

Essential for quilters, these rulers help in measuring perfect geometric shapes. And, as a big Martelli fan, their template squares are a dream come true for me! ❤️

11. Cardboard Cutting Board

Transforms any spot into a measuring and cutting zone. It’s my companion when I cut fabric in front of the TV!

12. Adjustable Ruler

Small in storage, big in use. A lifesaver for those with limited sewing space, like me.

13. Stick-On Measuring Tape

A staple in my sewing room. Instant measurements made super easy!

14. Chalk Hem Marker

For those without a dress form, this tool is a boon. From simple to advanced, there’s one for every need.

15. Expandable Button Gauge

A game-changer for marking buttonholes and buttons. Precise, even placements every time! But a heads-up: check its accuracy when extended minimally.

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Tool Usage
Tape Measure General measurements
Ruler Pattern adjustments
Yardstick Long fabric lengths
Flexible Curve Ruler Curved measurements
Adjustable Seam Gauge Seam allowances
Measuring Gauges Detailed measurements
Pattern Drafting Tools Pattern drafting
Self-Healing Cutting Mat Quilting
T-Square Pattern alterations
Quilting Rulers Geometric shapes
Cardboard Cutting Board Mobile cutting
Adjustable Ruler