9 Awesome Pressing Tools in Sewing & Their Uses

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Master Sewing: Discover 9 Essential Pressing Tools & Uses!

Ever wondered how to give your sewing projects a professional finish? The answer lies in pressing! My mom would often tell me, “No time to press? No time to sew.” Admittedly, in my early sewing days, I didn’t always heed this advice. But over time, I’ve come to appreciate the transformative power of pressing in sewing. Now, my crafting space boasts a collection of pressing tools. Let’s delve into my collection and learn about each of them, shall we?

1. The Quintessential Iron

Every sewer’s best friend is a reliable, top-notch iron. It’s vital for pressing large pieces of fabric before cutting. For intricate projects like doll clothing or small appliqués, a mini-iron can be a game-changer. I personally own a Steamfast and a Clover mini-iron; the latter is my go-to for Barbie clothes and in-the-hoop piecing.

2. Trusty Ironing Board

A robust ironing board with a padded surface can make all the difference. For the best experience, pick one that adjusts in height. If you’re space-limited, travel-sized or DIY ironing boards can be handy. Speaking of DIY, I’ve crafted my own board with wood, batting, and quilted fabric. It’s conveniently placed on a rolling cart and is my absolute favorite pressing companion!

3. Handy Sleeve Board

This nifty tool is essentially a dual-sided mini ironing board. Perfect for pressing shirt sleeves, pants legs, and avoiding unwanted creases. My cherished sleeve board, a heirloom from my grandmother, gets frequent use, especially for tricky rounded seams.

4. Seam Roll Magic

This tubular cushion is a gem for pressing seams inside rounded garment sections. Unlike sleeve boards, its design prevents unwanted imprints on the fabric. Seam rolls shine especially with fabrics that easily mark or shine when pressed.

5. Tailor’s Ham

With its unique ham shape, this tool is indispensable for pressing curved areas in garments. I have a two-sided ham with cotton and wool surfaces. The wool side, due to its steam retention, gives the most pristine press.

6. Clapper, Point Presser, or Tailor Board

If you seek a multifunctional pressing tool, this is it! My tailor board has various shapes for different garment sections. Its wooden design helps set creases, flatten seams, and achieve perfection on intricate areas like collars or curved seams. Trust me, these wooden tools, once seasoned, become a sewing room staple!

7. Pressing Mitten

When you need to press hard-to-reach curves, a pressing mitt can be a savior. It acts as a shield from the iron’s heat, allowing for precision in pressing curved garment parts.

8. Wool Pressing Mat

This recent addition to my sewing room has been revolutionary. Perfect for quilters, this mat offers a double-sided pressing experience due to wool’s heat and moisture retention. Its non-slip nature allows for direct pinning too!

9. Needle Board

For fabrics like velvet or corduroy, a needle board protects their texture. Just ensure the fabric’s textured side is facing down, and you’re good to go!

Pressing Cloths & Their Significance

When working with delicate fabrics, a pressing cloth is a must. It prevents unwanted burns or marks. They’re also key when attaching fusible interfacing.

Using Sprays in Pressing

Sprays such as starch or Best Press can amplify your pressing game. They provide stiffness, making fabrics easier to handle, and prevent issues like fabric rolling at the edges.

Tools for Perfect Hems

The Clover Hot Ruler and Dritz Ezy-Hem are fantastic for exact hem creases. They ensure you iron flawless straight and curved hems every time.

Quick Pressing Alternatives

If you’re ever without an iron, tools like a seam roller or point turner can offer a quick pressing fix. They won’t replace an iron, but they’re great for on-the-go adjustments.

Tool Main Use
Iron Pressing large fabric sections
Ironing Board Essential base for ironing
Sleeve Board Pressing sleeves & pants legs
Seam Roll Pressing inside circular garment pieces
Tailor’s Ham Pressing curved garment areas
Tailor Board Multi-purpose pressing tool
Pressing Mitten Hand pressing curved areas
Wool Pressing Mat Double-sided pressing & non-slip base
Needle Board Protecting fabric texture
Pressing Cloth Protecting delicate fabrics


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