50+ FREE In-the-Hoop Embroidery Designs (Best Sites!)

‍♀️ I adore playing with my embroidery software and crafting unique designs. With my jam-packed schedule, sometimes it’s a relief to snag a ready-made design or even a complimentary one. Let’s dive into my top picks for both free and affordable in-the-hoop embroidery patterns.

Unveil 50+ Free In-the-Hoop Designs: Top Embroidery Sites Revealed!

Understanding In-The-Hoop Embroidery Designs

In-the-hoop (ITH) embroidery designs are magical 3D projects brought to life within your embroidery machine’s hoop. Picture crafting a fabric coaster (like the stellar one from Kreative Kiwi) without even touching your sewing machine! Your device seamlessly stitches fabric pieces and layers embroidery on top. Once you grasp the basics, ITH projects become a breeze, making for splendid gifts . The depth of these designs varies, with some being straightforward, while others are intricate. Remember, the embroidery area of your machine determines the size of your ITH project.

Top Sites for Free ITH Embroidery Designs

Let’s kick things off with sites offering complimentary in-the-hoop patterns:

  1. Kreative Kiwi Embroidery: This platform offers a multitude of free ITH designs. You can even watch their instructional videos to hone your skills. From in-the-hoop wallets to stuffed animals, they have a lot in store! Moreover, their purchasable designs are budget-friendly and of top-notch quality.
  2. SWAK Embroidery: With an extensive collection, their offerings span bookmarks to zippered bags. They continually update their catalog, ensuring fresh designs!
  3. Creative Appliques: From Christmas-themed designs to earrings, there’s a rich variety to explore.
  4. Creative Fabrica: Their rotating freebies page is worth a glance, plus they have countless paid ITH patterns.
  5. Embroidery Garden: A mixed bag of both free and paid designs, ranging from pen holders to ballet shoe purses.
  6. Oma’s Place: Organized by hoop size, you can filter designs to perfectly fit your machine.
  7. Newfound Applique: Their current focus is on festive-themed designs, perfect for the holiday season.
  8. Sweet Pea Machine Embroidery: Their designs are beginner-friendly with comprehensive guidelines, making them an ideal starting point!
  9. Five Star Fonts Embroidery & Kimberbell: Both these platforms offer a select range of free designs, with Kimberbell providing sewing patterns if the embroidery hoop doesn’t fit.

Not Free, but Absolutely Worth It!

If you’re in the mood to splurge a bit, these sites have an exquisite array of ITH designs:

  1. Etsy: Known for its craft-centric ethos, Etsy has a plethora of embroidery designs backed by user reviews.
  2. Planet Applique: Specializing in kid-centric designs, their in-the-hoop dolls and baby shoes are delightful.
  3. Embroidery Library & Urban Threads: With a vast catalog, they offer unique designs at pocket-friendly prices.
  4. A Creative Medley: Their one-of-a-kind offerings include vinyl-topped designs serving as reusable coloring pages.
  5. DesignBundles.net: While primarily known for fonts, they also boast a rich collection of embroidery designs.
  6. GG Designs Embroidery: They’ve categorized their designs meticulously, from softies to jewelry. Plus, their teardrop earrings are a standout!
  7. A Stitch In Time Embroidery Designs & Designs by Juju: Both sites have a vast selection, sorted by various themes and occasions.
  8. Applique Corner & Bunnycup Embroidery: While Applique Corner is a treasure trove for appliques, Bunnycup excels in baby-themed designs.
  9. Titania Creations & Smart Needle: Both platforms present an extensive range of designs with Smart Needle’s sets being particularly vibrant.

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