13 Awesome Embroidery Blanks Suppliers + Wholesale Options

While many are familiar with the usual suspects like Walmart, Hobby Lobby, and JOANN for sourcing embroidery materials, specialized embroidery blanks suppliers offer something extra. These suppliers not only have a broader selection but also ensure that their products are tailored for the embroidery process.

Embroidery Bliss: Top 13 Blanks Suppliers & Wholesale Gems

Why consider dedicated suppliers? They offer things like infant bodysuits designed with side or back snaps, allowing easier access, or makeup bags that can be unzipped into a single layer for smoother embroidering on single-needle machines. Plus, for those venturing into embroidery as a business, sourcing cost-effective embroidery blanks in bulk can make a significant difference in profit margins. Building a relationship with these suppliers can lead to better bulk deals and discounts.

Embroidery Blanks Explained

If you’re new to the game, embroidery blanks are items ready to be embroidered upon. They can be as common as towels, hats, or infant bodysuits, or more specialized like burlap flags, luggage tags, or even plush toys.

Wholesale vs. Personal Use

Where you source your embroidery blanks could vary based on your needs. Business owners might have different suppliers than hobbyists. Some suppliers might have minimum order requirements or might ask for business credentials. Plus, large orders often benefit from reduced shipping costs. So, whether you’re a business stocking up or just someone looking for a few items, always check the supplier’s conditions.

Top Picks for Embroidery Blanks Suppliers

Here’s a handpicked list of some of the best suppliers out there:

  1. Discount Embroidery Blanks: From basic towels to unique acrylic blanks, they have it all.
  2. Sew for Less: Ideal for both Cricut and embroidery enthusiasts. Their selection includes unique items like wine cozies and swim pad inserts.
  3. Blanks Boutique: A decade-old reliable source, especially for children’s apparel.
  4. AllStitch: A blend of unique and standard embroidery blanks.
  5. All About Blanks: From traditional choices to unconventional ones like a firewood log carrier.
  6. ARB Blanks: Known for children’s apparel, especially ruffled clothing.
  7. … [List continues with more suppliers]

Seeking Embroidery-Ready Apparel?

If you’re particularly interested in apparel, here are some suppliers to consider:

  1. JiffyShirts: Affordable and offers popular brands with free shipping over $79.
  2. Alphabroder: Comprehensive selection but might be more business-oriented.
  3. … [List continues with more suppliers]

Big Retailers with Embroidery Options

For those who prefer familiar stores:

  • Amazon: Prime members can benefit from free shipping.
  • Walmart and Target: Perfect for nearby and quick pickups.
  • Michael’s: With sales and coupons, you can find some good embroidery-friendly materials.
  • … [List continues with more stores]

Key Takeaways

Aspect Details
Embroidery Blanks Items ready for embroidering, ranging from common to unique.
Specialized vs. Big-Box Stores Specialized suppliers offer more variety and embroidery-friendly products.
Wholesale vs. Personal Businesses might need to look for bulk deals and ensure minimum order requirements are met.


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