How to Embroider A Blanket with an Embroidery Machine

Personalized Embroidered Blankets: A Beautiful Gift

Master Machine Embroidery: Stitch Your Way to Cozy Blankets!

Ever thought about creating an embroidered blanket as a unique gift? Whether for weddings or baby showers, it can be the perfect touch! With just a cozy blanket from your local store, I can transform it into a treasured keepsake, adding names or even monograms! From soft throws to heirloom quilts, every blanket becomes a canvas for creativity. Ready to dive in? Let me guide you on how to master this craft.

Essentials for Embroidering Blankets:

  • Embroidery machine, hoop, and your chosen design
  • A high-quality blanket
  • Stabilizer options: Cut-away, tear-away, or wash-away (we’ll discuss the best choice shortly)
  • Water-soluble topping for those plushy blankets
  • Thread choice: My go-to is a 40wt polyester for the top, with white bobbins underneath
  • A 75/11 embroidery needle
  • Marking tools like washable pens and a set of scissors
  • Optional: Temporary fabric adhesive

Decoding Stabilizers: Which One is Right for Your Blanket?

Stabilizers are essential for a clean embroidered finish. For non-stretchy blankets with simple designs, tear-away or wash-away stabilizers are your best bet. Heirloom blankets, often found on platforms like Etsy, are perfect candidates for these. Even slightly stretchy blankets can handle tear-away stabilizers, provided your design isn’t overly intricate. The best part? These stabilizers are entirely removed post-embroidery, granting a sleek look. However, remember that with more complex designs, picking out bits of tear-away can be tedious. My solution in such scenarios? The Exquisite Tear ‘N Wash stabilizer which offers the best of both worlds.

If your blanket is ultra-stretchy or you’re opting for a dense design, cut-away or no-show mesh stabilizers will be your saviors. They provide rigidity during and after the embroidery, ensuring a crisp design even after multiple washes. The only minor hitch? They stay behind, attached to your blanket. Yet, don’t fret! Alternatives like the robust Sulky Ultra Solvy or Sulky Stiffy can come to the rescue. Just ensure your chosen method doesn’t compromise the texture of your blanket.

Embroidering on Fuzzy Blankets

Embracing the fuzzy trend with minky or fleece blankets? Make sure to layer with a water-soluble topping like Sulky Solvy. This ensures your stitches sit atop the fuzz and remain visible. Post-embroidery, simply wash or tear it off!

Picking the Perfect Design

Design choice is pivotal, especially for fluffy blankets. While simple running stitches might get lost in the fluff, densely stitched designs risk puckering. Your safest bets? Appliques, names, or medium-stitch count fill designs. And for those super fluffy fabrics, a knockdown stitch can help pin down the fuzz, ensuring your embroidery stands out.

Step-by-Step: How to Embroider a Blanket

  1. Blanket Prep: Always prewash when possible. Then, decide on your design’s placement and mark it.
  2. Hooping vs. Floating: Depending on your blanket’s thickness, you might hoop it directly or float it atop the stabilizer. For floating, consider using sticky stabilizers for better grip.
  3. Machine Setup: Upload your design, making sure it’s oriented correctly. Attach your hoop and lay any additional stabilizers/toppings if needed. Ensure your needle and threads are all set and aligned, then start embroidering!
  4. The Finishing Touches: Remove your blanket, take care of any hoop marks, and trim away stabilizers and jump stitches. For water-soluble toppings, simply wash them off. Voila! Your embroidered masterpiece is ready.

Embroidered Blankets: A Joyful Craft

Embroidering blankets brings immense joy, whether they’re gifts for loved ones or personal keepsakes. With the right techniques, each one becomes a canvas for creativity. I hope this guide empowers you to craft your own masterpieces. Happy embroidering!

Quick Reference Table:

Supplies Details
Blanket Type Non-stretchy, slightly stretchy, fluffy
Stabilizers Cut-away, tear-away, wash-away
Thread 40wt polyester (top), pre-wound white (bottom)
Needle 75/11 embroidery needle
Additional Items Water-soluble topping, marking tools


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