7 Best FREE Quilt Apps for Android & iPhone

Hey there, crafty souls! Ever tried designing a quilt or wanted to chat with other passionate quilters right from your smartphone or tablet?

Unveil Top 7 Free Quilt Apps: Stitch Magic on Android & iPhone!

Wish you could calculate fabric dimensions without the hassle of pen and paper? You’re in luck! There’s a world of quilting apps out there, and I’ve dived deep to bring you my top picks of free quilting apps. Let’s dive in!

1. Robert Kaufman QuiltingCalc

This gem is available on both Google Play and Apple App Store. Perfect for those who dread math or just want to double-check before making that final cut. The app’s top features include:

  • Set-in and Corner Triangle: No more stressing over 45-45-90 triangles from geometry. This feature will help you get the exact measurements for your HSTs and QSTs.
  • Pieces to Yardage Area: Unsure about the fabric amount? This will tell you just how much you need for your desired number of pieces.
  • Piece Count: Determine how many specific-sized pieces your fabric can produce.
  • Binding: Easily calculate fabric yardage for binding. Input fabric width, binding strip width, and quilt dimensions. There’s also a border calculator for added convenience.

Plus, for international quilters, switch between inches, cm, and meters seamlessly.

2. Quilting Tutorials by MSQC

Available for Android and iOS, this app by Missouri Star Quilt Co. is a goldmine for quilting tutorials. Every week, a new quilt project pops up. But that’s not all – you can search for specific skills or even access a decade’s worth of video content!

3. Quilt Cat

Exclusive to the Google Play Store, Quilt Cat is both fun and functional. Play around with 335 geometric blocks, customize them, and then get cutting charts for each. And if you’re feeling extra creative, you can design blocks from scratch!

4. Quiltspace

Available on both major app stores, Quiltspace is a cozy corner for quilters to showcase their masterpieces. Think of it as the Instagram for quilting enthusiasts. Although it hasn’t been updated for a while, its potential is undeniable!

5. Blocks Quilt App

A budding app on Google Play Store, Blocks brings the quilting community together. Every week, a new block challenge awaits, complete with fabric requirements and instructions. A year’s commitment results in a beautiful 52-block quilt!

6. Stash Star Fabric

For Apple aficionados, this app is a fabric organizer’s dream. Add photos, fabric details, and more. Later, view, group, and filter as you please. It’s like having your entire fabric stash at your fingertips!

7. Cora-Sew Your Stash

Another great fabric management tool, Cora offers a similar experience but with added features like fabric pre-wash status.

And if you’re wondering about a premium choice? Check out Quiltography on the Apple App Store. This app offers advanced design features and even lets you pixelate photos into quilt designs.

Quick Glance

App Name Available On Main Feature
Robert Kaufman QuiltingCalc Google Play, Apple Store Quilting Calculator
Quilting Tutorials by MSQC Android, iOS High-quality Tutorials
Quilt Cat Google Play Design Quilt Blocks
Quiltspace Google Play, Apple Store Quilting Community
Blocks Quilt App Google Play Weekly Quilt Challenges
Stash Star Fabric Apple Store Fabric Organizer
Cora-Sew Your Stash Apple Store Fabric Management


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