Glow-in-the-Dark Thread: 7 Tips for Sewing and Embroidering

Luna’s Guide to Glow-in-the-Dark Thread

Illuminate Your Crafts: 7 Expert Tips for Sewing with Glow-in-the-Dark Thread

Desiring to add a special twist to your nighttime attire or festive wear? Glow-in-the-dark thread is your solution! Perfect for spicing up outfits like Halloween costumes, festive partywear, cozy pajamas, Christmassy decorations, sporty outfits, or even gear for evening workouts.

This thread is ideal for both decorative machine stitches and intricate embroidery designs. If you’re dreaming of a project that not only shines but fluoresces brilliantly, read on!

Diverse Thread Options

What’s exciting about this thread type is its availability in multiple colors and weights. The most popular thread weights are 30wt and 40wt. The color palette ranges from classic white, vibrant yellow, calming green, lively orange, cool blue, to pretty pink.

Many leading embroidery thread brands, such as Coats & Clark, Simthread, Gutermann, Isacord, Mettler, Sulky, Wonderfil, Gunold, Madeira, and more offer their version of this enchanting thread. Yet, not every glow-in-the-dark thread is crafted the same. Differences lie in the fiber content, glow intensity, and even the unique neon shade it emits.

After experimenting, I found Coats & Clark to be the top-performing glow-in-the-dark thread for my machine. Yet, for a wider color range and budget-friendly price, I now use Simthread’s glow-in-the-dark thread from Amazon. A few machine tweaks and it sews like a dream! ✨

The Science Behind the Glow

Curious about its glow magic? This thread captures light energy from natural or artificial sources. Once the lights go out, it releases this stored energy, causing it to glow. For a vivid and lasting glow, it’s best to charge the thread under sunlight or bright indoor lights. The glow’s intensity is influenced by the light’s type and exposure duration. If you possess a black light, prepare for an even more mesmerizing luminescence!

Glow Shades

Although these threads appear distinct in daylight, most emanate a similar greenish glow in the dark. For instance, even though some threads may appear whitish or yellowish, their glow is predominantly green. Due to my photography skills, the threads might look quite similar, but in real-life scenarios, they differ slightly in color and intensity.

Mastering the Glow Thread

If you’ve mastered the art of using metallic embroidery threads, handling glow-in-the-dark threads will be a breeze. But, if you face any hiccups, here are some foolproof tips:

  1. Thread Stand: For efficient thread feeding, use a vertical thread stand.
  2. Thread Net: If the thread pools at the spool base, a thread net can ensure smooth feeding and prevent snapping.
  3. Choose the Right Needle: Switch to a needle with a larger eye for 30wt thread or if you face shredding issues. Topstitching needles sized 80/12 or 90/14 work wonders!
  4. Design Density: The denser the stitches, the more vibrant the glow!
  5. Thread Weight Compatibility: Ensure your design and thread weight are compatible. For intricate designs, consider adjusting if using a 30wt thread.
  6. Control Stitching Speed: Avoid thread breakage by slowing down your machine’s stitching speed.
  7. Tweak Tension: Loosening the upper tension can help the thread glide seamlessly. Always test first!

Thread Care Tips

Special threads often require gentle care. Although most glow-in-the-dark threads endure cold washes, it’s best to steer clear of bleach and high heat. On the plus side, these threads can withstand multiple washes.

Additional Fun Embellishments

To further jazz up your embroidery, consider adding fluorescent fabric, glow-in-the-dark heat-transfer vinyl, or fabric paint for that extra dazzle.

Details Information
Popular Weights 30wt and 40wt
Common Colors White, Yellow, Green, Orange, Blue, Pink
Brands Mentioned Coats & Clark, Simthread, and many more
Glow Duration 10-15 minutes or longer, varies by brand


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